Brut Cake Handmade pottery - smiling mug (not to) 260ml-5

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Brut Cake

Brut Cake Handmade pottery - smiling mug (not to) 260ml-5


[ brand introduction] Brut Cake is a Taiwanese artist Deng Naixuan (Nicole Teng) in Shanghai creative design brand, covering goods, art, and most importantly, lives. Brut in French, taken from the art style Art Brut (Native Arts), emphasizing original, vigorous rough, with human warmth and emotion; Cake means happiness, sweet. We want to be hands-made works to move more people, so that the nature of every material can be touched, to be cherished. Brut Cake artist and founder of Deng Naixuan (Nicole Teng) always want to break with traditional ceramic works gives the impression, so different Elsevier, the painting fused in clay creation. Her ceramic works, there is a lot of hand-painted creations, and sometimes, she would like to do in the above painting and drawing that piece carrying container, a bowl, a cup, a saucer painted simple ...... a face, an eye, each object has its own look and personality, which makes ceramics look more interesting. [Specification] Size: cup diameter of about 7.5 cm, a depth of approximately 7.5 cm in the cup without the cup. Capacity: about 260ml (This is a manual pull embryo works, each cup size and capacity have narrowly) Color: light beige (Each color computer screen displays are different from the actual color-based) [ feature design] See the cup goes smile, you think of who? Dear family, for the posts of friends, the sweet and the other half, or another self? Brut Cake painted appearance of "smile mug", each face each representing a unique personality, and Wei Miao emotional link between users. Hope every time you see him on the mug / her mind will emerge that person's figure, whether it is real or virtual imagination, I watched, without even realizing it issued a pleasant smile from the heart, let you have a good mood all day! "Smile Mug" same hand to pull the production of embryos, we like rustic, imperfect appearance, retained the imperfect work on these traces discipline to convey the author's mind, but also on every Brut Cake ceramic works are attached to her personality with emotion. We reserve the bottom of the cup unglazed tile, as the touch of a bridge, people can touch the nature of the soil, a series of land between creators and users, and the glaze special treatment after 1210 degree heat after the kiln, the cup body occasionally showing a natural water stains texture, seemingly not perfect, but also because it is not perfect, but it has manual, healing mood temperature. [ Precautions] This product can be put in the microwave heating, you can put the dishwasher clean, the only clay vessels pores large, so avoid hot or heating after the installation, immediately rinse with cold water, should be allowed to cool before flushing the cup slowly to avoid generate hairline cracks, thank you. Origin / manufacturing methods Shanghai / handmade mold


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