Handmade metal micro-carved floral pattern bracelet / 999 sterling silver / handmade

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Designer hand-made limited edition, using ancient European craftsmanship ─ Engraving, carved by hand.



Handmade metal micro-carved floral pattern bracelet / 999 sterling silver / handmade


Handmade metal micro-carved flower pattern bracelet / 999 sterling silver Hand-made, cannot be copied Engraving ─ Metal carving is an ancient technique in Europe. Using different carving knives and wrist techniques, Various lines and patterns are carved directly on the metal. The lines and stripes carved out by the chain are smooth and smooth, It takes a lot of effort and time. ★This model is a limited edition work, and cannot be copied or modeled, only this one. If the size is not suitable, please contact the customer to make it. ★If you have any questions, please write to us before placing the order to avoid misunderstanding and inconvenience to you. ▊ Product details and packaging▊ 〃Solid, 999 sterling silver, no plating and no allergies. Black oily ink. 〃The width is about 20 mm and the thickness is about 2 mm. 〃The diameter of the inner ring of the bracelet is 57.8 mm (about 6.5"), and the rear opening is about 25 mm. 〃The weight is about 14.68 gold (55g). 〃Bowknot black jewelry box, small paper bag, warranty card, silver cloth. The size of the carton is randomly shipped according to the size of the jewelry, and the color of the ribbon is also shipped randomly. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4335/36499340010_0e2a7894f0_z_d.jpg ▊ Shopping instructions▊ 〃Customized orders are limited to 30 working days (excluding holidays). 〃All products are handmade, and a slight error in size is normal. 〃The inner circle can engrave the name or date with a free electric pen. ▊ How to measure the length of the bracelet ▊ 〃Using a piece of paper or a measuring tape, measure a circle around the hand and mark it to find the corresponding size. 〃The average adult female size is about 6~6.5", and the male size is about 7.5"~8". https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4355/36723360802_56aa6a9e3c_z_d.jpg ▊ Warranty card▊ 〃With this card, you can enjoy free maintenance and warranty within 30 days of the warranty period. 〃General merchandise enjoys free lifetime cleaning and maintenance (machine wash only). 〃Zircon products are free of lifetime cleaning and maintenance (machine wash only), and free refills during the warranty period. 〃Semi-precious stones enjoy free lifetime cleaning and free maintenance during the warranty period. 〃Not only the material itself is not covered by the warranty. 〃Precious stones and semi-precious stones are accompanied by a product warranty to prove that the product condition is correct. 〃Not all damages can be recovered or modified, depending on the situation. 〃Purchasing our products is deemed to have approved these terms. ▊ Silver jewelry maintenance method ▊ 〃The best maintenance method for silver jewelry is to wear it every day, which can brighten and luster silver jewelry! 〃Wipe the silver-wiping cloth directly and can be used multiple times. The silver-wiping cloth cannot be washed. 〃Dip the toothbrush with toothpaste or dishwashing liquid, add some water and lightly brush it and rinse it off with water. 〃Wipe clean when not wearing it and put it in a zipper bag or packing box to avoid contact with air to cause oxidation. 〃Don't wear silver jewelry when bathing in hot springs, because sulfur will make silver black. 〃Soak the silver jewellery in the silver washing water, take it out after it turns white, and rinse with plenty of water. The jewelry must be polished to prevent damage to the jewelry itself after repeated use of silver washing water. 〃Dip a little bright silver paste with a soft cloth or cotton pad, push it on the surface of the jewelry, and rinse with water. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4390/36781678701_ea70f42a87_b_d.jpg Origin / manufacturing method Handmade in Taiwan


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