Sewing kimono bathing suit bag harness rope bag rice bag wind and Princess wind carousel summer bathing suit necessary accessories

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This yukata bag is traditionally tailored and used by Japanese people when wearing a yukata.


Sewing kimono bathing suit bag harness rope bag rice bag wind and Princess wind carousel summer bathing suit necessary accessories

商品説明 What makes it special: This bathrobe is a traditional cut and the Japanese will use a pouch when they wear a bathrobe. How to use: In addition to lining a kimono, you can also cook rice with meals. Customizable: You can choose your favorite fabric to order. Welcome to see more fabric styles for designers. The part of the bathing bag that does not affect the appearance (bottom and inner) will be designed by the designer. If there is special request, please communicate with the designer first. Bathrobe bag size: folding plane about 26*17.5cm Open stereo calculation about 17*18cm in diameter The bottom is about 14*16.5cm Preferential treatment: Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan package mail, the general default plus 20HKD mail registration, Adhere to a friend who does not use registered mail to pay the risk 自 ~ You can also choose SF Express to pay the freight. About packaging: The shop generally uses environmentally friendly waste paper to package mail, if you need a gift box, please contact the designer to purchase. Note: Due to the different coloration of each camera/computer/mobile phone, the light at the time of shooting, etc. affect the photo-chromatic problem. Due to the manual measurement and the size of each hand-made work, deviations may occur. Because the work needs to use glue to glue, there is an opportunity for glue marks. However, designers will try their best to make it more perfect. About the brand and the designer: Mikka.L is a hand-made small brand founded by Mika, a jewellery design student. She designs and produces jewelry for sale on the market. Her works mainly focus on the Japanese style, in order to attract the attention of passers-by. She plucked her courage into the market and put on her kimono to sell her clothes (2010). From then on, she wore a kimono-selling jewelry to become her gimmick. Also invited by the media. All photos of Mikka.L were taken by the designer Mika himself and later produced. In addition to her work as a hand, she had a special interest in photography. Hard work was produced. It would be a pity to sell it! So she started researching the camera. In 2016, she also started learning how to shoot video and editing videos. She took a few years of product photography and she had new ideas (models of her own brand must do it myself!). Even better, she took a make-up course. During her studies, she did a full-time job as a hand-crafted person. She learned a lot from her hand-made work. She will learn more and more in the future. Want to see more works please move to our shop FB: Mikka.L / IG:mikka.l_design Please communicate with the designer before photographing the payment. If you have any questions, please check FB / inbox designer.


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