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    **"Unique fumigation and multi-flesh-rich"**

    Unique rare arc-shaped pots, plus smoked pots of natural blooming style, each is the only, and then planted round full of blessings and more meat, the overall look with the seize and rich! There are selling goods in the butcher!

    **"About pots"**
    From the flower design of Taiwan, the designer is the two girls with different character, graduated from the hometown of ceramics - Yingge family business, for the dedication and dedication of the hand from the student era began brewing, so we have "Fireworks" and their unique works. Seemingly simple and simple arc-shaped pots to wood burning, each piece are contaminated with different expressions, such as clouds drift traces of scattered. Smoked special burning method so that the vessel can not need holes, moisture can slowly from the basin in the infiltration out.

    **"Selected flesh"**
    More than 100 kinds of meat plant species, what kind of meat and different families in a piece is suitable? Is nice? On the beauty of the collocation, to the meat! Each pot of gifts of meat plants, we pick the season the most healthy, beautiful to match, you only need to praise the meat of the United States, the basin of the difficult to us.

    Choose more meat plant to give people one of the biggest benefits is the meat of the life will continue, as you full of blessings, so full of love mind recipients must also be fully received to. It is not particularly difficult to care for more meat plants, give water for more than two weeks, keep it ventilated, and let the meat be fed on a regular basis (if it is better for the sun to get it), so he will live So good!

    **"Multi-meat plant special medium"**
    After years of planting experiments, there are meat to find the most suitable for multi-meat medium mixing ratio: containing excellent drainage of Tangshan stone, hard texture of the black volcanic rocks, drainage breathable function of the good pull stone, water absorption and Fertilizer good snake sawdust, good ventilation and can make the roots of healthy mountain sand. There are meat production of each pot of meat are planted using these high-priced multi-meat plant mixed soil, so take back to take care of you do not need to worry about soil problems, greatly enhance the success rate of planting.

    **"How to take care of these meaty plants? "**
    If you want to plant them properly, the window is the most basic sunshine environment, and watering way: in addition to the hot summer, the water every two weeks, watering to the hole through the water, dormancy (summer) watering The amount of about 1/3. Let them continue to stay outdoors, meaty plants will continue to maintain the beautiful color Oh!
    Winter type of meat plants like warm, ventilated, and sunshine environment, too wet and cold environment is not suitable for planting, is a very resistant to drought plants. The best planting temperature is in the middle of 15-28 degrees C, less than 5 degrees C in winter, summer than 35 degrees C will enter the dormant period.
    __"This product Shuangbei County free shipping, if the need for distribution outside the county, please fill the additional"__
    *Double North County outside the region Shipping costs: $ 550** Please click here:
    **Hualien, Taitung, Nantou and the Islands area temporarily provide more meat planted car delivery service**

    **"Package details"**

    There is meat to provide "flower gift packaging" service and "customization of the card" service, we believe that the gift is not necessarily more gorgeous gift, but with the intention of the gift and the artist, the use of selected soft two-color paper With ribbons bow as gift wrap. And your blessing language into the text, the text will be full of vitality of the green meat plant illustrations around, stand out to convey the message to the recipient's mind.

    **" Precautions"**

    1. The pattern of meaty plants will be slightly different, because the season and the temperature will be different, please allow the meat of the division of the selection of healthy meat for you to do with the adjustment.
    2. The best appreciation period is one month, it is recommended to put in the half sunshine ventilation, according to the contents of conservation card to take care, can keep plant life longer.
    3. Planting did not provide online shopping seven days of appreciation period. If the damage caused by the delivery process, please contact us, there will be meat immediately to help you, please feel at ease to buy.
    4. More meat plantation distribution are hand car distribution, post office / black cat house with easy to overturn the possibility, it does not provide package-type distribution services.

    **Size (cm)**
    32X13X6 (H) does not contain meaty plants
    **Succulent & Gift**
    Meat plants and design pots with the gift shop
    To multi-meat plant as the theme, invite the pot design brand stationed, the multi-meat plant changing attitude and appearance, and brand touching the design of the people, giving a new home for meat plants. All gifts demand, planting questions, hand-made courses, can be met here once, become a unique gift shop.
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    Origin of Taiwan
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Large boat multi-meat pottery | cactus group | promoted to move home pottery

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