Red Hairball Super-Stretch - Hair Long Special Depth Hair Ring Hair Hair Accessories

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In summer, the girls tied up the pony tails An indispensable small item for beautiful points - donuts, hair loops of the


Red Hairball Super-Stretch - Hair Long Special Depth Hair Ring Hair Hair Accessories


[product design features] Long hair is stored around the waist, and the elastic hairline does not hold the weight of the long ponytail. The elasticity is also insufficient, and it is fatigued with few times. Designers have also bought many hairpins that feature elastic ligaments. They will continue to support their own hair growth and hair volume soon. _<" Looking for a long time to find this super-thick super elastic rope. Finally we make colon circle that we can satisfy with turtle's own!! ※ The rabbit's large intestine ring hair bundle**can directly poke the tail**,**do not need to use another rubber band** ※ Your own hair volume is not much more than that, but it is not too small. Our bowel buns can usually be tied 2 or 3 turns. Even if it is a long hair tied high ponytails, it can be tied tightly. ! ※ When tying the buns, you can directly take the large intestine loops, and then roll the horse's tail into a group. The tail can be inserted into the hair bundle. Can also be wrapped after the bun head, directly into hair long hair tress for decoration When laying down the horsetail, it can also be tied to the handcuffs as ornaments. **※If you have any questions or special attention to details, please ask in advance before placing your order, and then do the next single action!** **In order to avoid the order, regret the abandoned, causing the two sides unnecessary misunderstanding or trouble ~** 【size】 Flatness: about 13~14cm in circumference of hair bundle (error within 1cm) [Materials and washing] Cotton, linen, ancient cloth, cotton, Korean super elastic rope, wool Please gently hand wash, use a large towel to dry, then dry 【Flower rabbit hand made original intentions and small 叮咛】 ◎ The transmission of hand-crafted works and love is the original intention of selling rabbit hand-made works. ◎The sales income is spent on the feeding and rescue waves of the rabbit. ◎We would like to make the world a better place with the power of bean sprouts. ◎ Manual stitching may cause some imperfections. ◎ Each person's screen settings are different, so the actual product and the screen display may have slightly different shades of color. ◎ Hand-made, for the perfectionist of color and workmanship, please think twice before buying. ◎Saturday for the family day and material procurement processing schedule day, not shipped (except for special orders). ◎If you do not have a full-time, non-urgent order, if you have a specified time limit on the arrival date, please confirm it before placing orders. Do not order directly, and you will not be able to get a reasonable meeting. ◎ Non-24 hours online, please contact us if you have any questions. Wait patiently. Rabbits will reply and deal with them for the first time!


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