[Shui An] Hand-twisted and hand-woven. Pure cotton blue dyeing // Icarine decorative towels / air conditioning warm towels / cool quilt

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Comfortable natural hand-woven towels, suitable for all seasons, suitable for gifts for personal use. Material: 100% pure cotton hand twisted yarn + hand-woven finish Dyeing agent: Daqingmalan pure natural plant dyeing Size: 65 x200cm Origin / manufacturing methods Yangga x Laos Village Friendly Cooperation Goods



[Shui An] Hand-twisted and hand-woven. Pure cotton blue dyeing // Icarine decorative towels / air conditioning warm towels / cool quilt


/ Product description and story / Every mountain river has its own appearance. Every mother of the weaver girl circulates a unique river texture to every daughter who is transformed. The Yika River weave is a traditional Lao Pu Dai texture. The river weave has a meandering V-shaped turning line. Unbelievably, these so-called "Ika weaving" did not start weaving patterns on the loom, but calculated the position and tied the white lines that wanted to appear early in the dyeing of the thread. A rope that blocks the dye. Each family has its own unique dyeing and weaving method, Thousands and thousands of daughters inherited their mother’s teachings, Then feel the earth, mountains and rivers of Tao through yourself, Then change the dyeing and weaving into a new look. Fathers and brothers will run back and forth on the land, Plant and collect dyeable plants, Architecture and details of bamboo or wooden construction loom. The power of the world's parents. *Note: This product is hand-made, we will ship it after careful inspection, but there may still be the following reasonable conditions: natural fiber thickness varies, fiber color is uneven, or there are natural impurities such as embryo shells, seeds, and texture Because hand-twisted fiber or manual process has imperfect, different mechanical specifications. The photos may also have color difference, which is unacceptable. Perfectionists please think twice before buying. Thank you! *laundry guide: Natural fabrics are just like natural ~ will change with time and usage habits, after care and storage methods are actually very simple, you are welcome to come together to understand, slowly develop personal characteristics of fabrics, this description is also applicable to other natural dyed Fabric Yo! {Plant dyed cotton hand-woven fabric} We have cleaned the fabrics you received before shipment. As a part of quality control, please rest assured. 1. Please prepare a bucket of warm water at 50-80 degrees, soak the fabric in it for 10-15 minutes separately, gently knead and wash it, put it in a laundry bag for dehydration, dry in the sun or dry, pay attention to the water temperature not to burn! 2. If there is not much dirt, you don't need to put detergent. If you want to add detergent, please use neutral detergent such as cold detergent. Never use detergents containing fluorescent bleach ingredients. 3. When washing with natural dyed cloth, it is natural that some colors will be slightly released, but our products are stable in color and will not fade. Please be assured. 4. If you want the fabric to be softer, you can soak it in soft essence or conditioner. 5. It can be dried and ironed. *Blue dyed fabric supplement 6. The different color components in the blue dyed fabric can be released by washing in hot water, and can be slanted in the sun for about four or five hours when drying, which can improve the color brightness. 7. Please do not fold the blue dyed fabric for a long time in the sun or under the light, there will be changes in color difference in the long run. 8. If the blue dyed fabric is not worn for a long time, it is recommended that it can be stored in a chain bag and sealed. (Optional) 9. For more sophisticated friends, you can repeat the application again after method 6 and add a glass of white vinegar. After drying, the fabric color and softness will be more improved. //About Yangga// Have you touched a layer of undyed hand-woven fabric that grew out of undyed soil, and then intertwined vitality through dyeing? Each unique handicraft from pure cotton, pure silk, ramie, linen tells a different life story. Since 2014, Yangga has been going deep into Lao & Thai village natural materials handmade fabrics & village sustainable development cooperation plan. Natural fabrics can preserve the sustainable development of the environment and culture of many traditional communities in the world. You are welcome to feel the nourishment of nature.


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