Neck-hanging phone case/standard version (small)_Yupin camel[Can add Lei carving characters]

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◆Can store iPhone 12 Pro /11 Pro / 12 ◆Simple neck hanging. Storage leisure card ◆Mobile phone anti-drop buckle, more comprehensive protection ◆It is a simple mobile phone case and a personalized certificate case ◆Neck hanging/waist hanging/hanging bag, changeable use


Neck-hanging phone case/standard version (small)_Yupin camel[Can add Lei carving characters]

商品説明 ▍ ▍ **|Product Features|** • Can store iPhone 12 Pro /11 Pro / 12 (can add a thinner anti-drop case) • Simple neck hanging, storage of leisure card • Mobile phone anti-drop buckle, more comprehensive protection • Widen the neck strap, greatly improving the comfort of neck hanging • Anti-collision and shock absorption to protect the phone from scratches • It is a simple mobile phone case as well as a personalized certificate case, both positive and negative! • Comes with quick-release round hook, neck hanger/waist hanger/bag, changeable use • Front and rear double card storage mezzanine **|Value-added services|** • **|Product size|**10.1(L) x 18(W) x 1.8(H) cm **|Product weight|**61 g **|Color selection|**5 in total • Standard version (small) → • • • Special version (large) → • ▍Double-sided as you want, both positive and negative ▍ Simple, low-key, detailed chain washing design, double front design, all sides are stylish! Design thinking starting from life, the function of mobile phone case/document case is one, and the type of use is up to you! Discuss with customers in this second meeting, and taste the time in the coffee shop in the next second, and life will change as you wish! ▍ ▍ :::Anti-drop buckle, use more peace of mind::: Large opening, easy to take and store the mobile phone! Strictly selected thick and warm felts provide excellent protection for mobile phone cases! Personalized identification card mode, no transparent film design, perfect texture, and easier access to documents! Can store identification cards, access cards, leisure cards, or any beautiful card, to create your own style! Of course, you can leave no cards at all and feel the warm texture of the felt! The product contains three components: 1. Phone case body 2. Anti-drop buckle 3. Wide neck lanyard + quick release round hook The quick-release round hook can be used for neck hanging/waist hanging/hanging bag, providing a variety of usage changes. 1. Neck-hanging mobile phone case, use it on another side, just buckle the hook and loop to the other side, easy and simple! 2. Remove the neck strap and only use the round hook, you can hang it on the waist or on the bag! Neck hanging use | easy to take! Waist-hanging use|Round hooks can be hung on pants belt loops. ↑ ↑ ↑ Exquisite boxed, suitable for personal use as a gift! ↑Left: Right: |Two sizes [This product can be purchased with Lei carved characters] Additional purchase stores> ↑Additional engraving can be purchased for this product, engraving position: on the buckle [Limits for laser engraving text] *Currently only English characters are accepted, and the font is Elegant font (the style is as follows), *The number of characters can be up to 12 letters (including punctuation and blanks), and upper and lower case letters can be included *Please fill in the laser engraving text in the remarks column and confirm the correct text and capitalization when placing an order *Laser engraving is a personal customized service. Once engraved, it cannot be returned. Please confirm and consider carefully before placing an order! / Material Introduction/ -PAPER LEATHER- Paper leather is a new environmentally friendly material composed of natural fibers, does not contain toxic substances, and can be naturally decomposed when buried in the soil. It has the advantages of light weight, anti-wear, washable, non-tearable and other superior characteristics. It feels comfortable and close to leather. It is used to replace leather in many European and American countries to reduce carbon footprint. In particular, the paper leather will naturally produce charming leather-like wrinkles after being used for a period of time, allowing time to leave marks on the paper leather and witness the imprint of the years! -Felt FELT- It is manufactured and produced by a high-quality textile factory in Taiwan. The selection of materials is strictly controlled and meets international standards. Felt is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material that is 100% recyclable. Unlike general knitted fabrics woven by warp and weft, felt is made by needle rolling. Thousands of needles are continuously repeated up and down to make the fibers entangled with each other, and then finished by ironing and calendering. The environmentally friendly felts we use are treated with special water repellent, soft touch, shock absorption, impact resistance, breathability and other characteristics. When water is accidentally splashed, the water will form water droplets on the surface of the felt, and the water droplets can be shaken off with a gentle shake. Water repellent, soft, scratch-resistant, shock-absorbing, providing more secure protection for important mobile phones. / Cleaning method/ Wipe with a damp cloth and dry in the shade. Do not iron / Taiwan original design handmade refined / / Commodity delivery time/


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