ORLI Jewelry ♡♡ Natural Aquamarine 108 Rosary X Multi-Ring Bracelet ♡ Sterling Silver Lucky 貔 貅 ♡ Natural Stone ♡ Aquamarine ♡ Aquamarine

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ORLI Jewelry ♡♡ Natural Aquamarine 108 Rosary X Multi-Ring Bracelet ♡ Sterling Silver Lucky 貔 貅 ♡ Natural Stone ♡ Aquamarine ♡ Aquamarine


❣❣ hot summer, the healing water blue super cool !! Crystal full color shining silver ~ Five elements to replenish the most famous for pregnancy. Help to restore inspiration when writing is blocked. When you think brain disorder, confused clue when it helps purify brain energy, restore fresh thinking. When emotionally dependent on others, easy for others to influence their own actions to any ups and downs, you can always wear Aquamarine body, you can balance their emotions, from the external influence too much. Those who are prone to retreat in case of a crisis have the confidence to strengthen their self-confidence. ✤✤ all the goods are available from the shop, modify the style or size to be two working days (need to contact letter) ✤✤ support custom ✤✤ ♥ Material & Size: Hand around 18CM (cm) can be around four laps. Elastic line | Aquamarine 7.3MM-7.6MM | Ice kind Tianhe stone 7.7MM-8MM | Strawberry crystal 7.6MM | Full 925 sterling silver fittings | ❣❣ hand circumference measurements: If it is the first time to purchase → take a nap or a line or piece of paper around the place you want to wear, please give us the wrist circumference measurements (cm), do not increase or decrease hand circumference, and inform the desired degree of tightness. If you buy multiple times you can directly inform the hand around you want. More than 17CM need additional material fee. Try to make close hand around, but the material sometimes slightly different size, acceptable to buy! ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤ Basically, beads are carefully selected grade good, natural stone crystal ice crack, cloud, small mine is normal condition ~ Indoor and outdoor light feel slightly different, with the screen may have color conditions, please accept another order! Real shot, the goods are sold in the picture of that one, except for special labeling except for random delivery. All silverware in line with international standards 925 sterling silver, non-silver or inferior goods. If you wear black silver after wearing a silver polishing cloth can be restored bright ~ Japan-made elastic line, after-sales service to provide free line (need to pay back and forth postage). From the material, production, shooting, shelves, reply to the message, the shipments are all handled by one person all things, if the reply is slow Please forgive me ~ If no reply within 24 hours please contact me again! ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤ ❣ Do not come into contact with chemical substances, bathing hot springs, exercise, sleeping and doing housework and other unsuitable circumstances, please remove to avoid damage caused by the environment. ❣ Do not encounter heat and high temperature exposure, do not directly rushed cold water after going out in the sun, to avoid causing crystal brittleness. ❣ wear or storage should pay attention to collision or wear, do not wear can be placed sealed bags. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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