Brut Cake 2020 Value Pack (4) 11-piece set including apron, cups and saucers, bowls, coin purses, etc.

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Brut Cake limited time limited value combination, smile mug x 4, coin purse x 2, rice bowl x 2, insulated gloves x 1, insulated pad x 1, half-length apron x 1, the value price is 4699 yuan! (Original price 7780 yuan)


Brut Cake

Brut Cake 2020 Value Pack (4) 11-piece set including apron, cups and saucers, bowls, coin purses, etc.


*****This combination is restricted to Taiwan / FOR TAIWAN ONLY******* Please note that the "shallow mouth small sauce plate" in the photo is sold out, so it will be replaced by the "gubu coin purse" x2 at the same price! This limited value combination includes: Smile mug x 4 Rice bowl x 2 Insulated gloves x 1 Insulation pad x 1 Half-length apron x 1 Gubo coin purse x 2 The original price was 7780 yuan, and the value price was 4699 yuan! **Please note*** 1. Due to shipping safety and shipping cost, this value-added combination sale is limited to the island of Taiwan. (for Taiwan ONLY) 2. The colors, hand-painted patterns and cup shapes of the ancient cloth are shipped randomly and cannot be specified. 3. Unless the product is damaged, no return or exchange will be accepted after the sale. 4. Shipped in carton or courier bags, pottery has a carton, and ancient cloth products are not individually packaged. If you have the above concerns, please do not buy, thank you. [ brand introduction] Brut Cake is a brand designed and created by Taiwanese artist Nicole Teng in Shanghai, covering goods, art, and most importantly, life. Brut is French, taken from the art style Art Brut (original art), emphasizing originality, roughness, human warmth and emotion; Cake means happiness and sweetness. We hope that the works made with both hands will touch more people, so that the essence of each piece of material can be touched and cherished. [Size / Design] @ insulation gloves Length 25 cm, width 14 cm, 100% cotton Different from the general thermal insulation gloves on the market, it is designed to fit the size of girls' palms. For example, the opening design of the puppet on the palm allows the hand to better grasp the handle of the pot without slipping. We humorously anthropomorphized the glove, and the painful expression of clenching teeth on the yellow canvas painting of the opening is like it is difficult for the user to bear the heat. @ Insulation pads About 25 cm high x 20 cm at its widest point Childlike and cute smile hand-painted shape, full of healing, adding a little fun to home life :-))) Sewing hanging ring is convenient for storage and space saving, and even if it is just hanging for decoration, it can make people smile. @ 古 布 半身 围裙 Size: 80 cm long x 62 cm high, canvas pocket: 30 cm long x 26 cm high, belt length: about 95 cm on one side The front of the design is a washed canvas pocket, which can be inserted with both hands to facilitate storage of various items. The canvas pocket is then sewn with two ancient cloth pockets, which can hold mobile phones, pens and other supplies, and has a good storage function. The ancient cloth belt is crossed behind and then tied forward. There are belt loops on both sides to wear, which is convenient to fix and the apron is not easy to fall off. @ 古 布 change wallet Dimensions: Length 9 cm x width 9 cm, 100% cotton Bellows telescopic design, divided into 2 mezzanines, each 3 cm, super large capacity, one layer can hold change, the other layer can hold banknotes, leisure card, credit card or storage headset, multi-function, very convenient. @ 饭碗 Size: Cup mouth diameter about 12.5 cm x bowl depth about 7 cm, white porcelain mud or purple sand mud The rice bowls made by Brut Cake are larger than ordinary Chinese rice bowls. In addition to serving rice, it is also suitable for soups, desserts and single salads. At the bottom of each rice bowl, there is a simple and healing small pattern hand-painted by designer Deng Naixuan with a brush. After the meal is eaten, you can see the heart-warming pattern respond to you, so that the stomach and the soul are satisfied. The patterns are all processed under the glaze. Food sauce will not directly touch the glaze, so it can be used with peace of mind. @ Smile mug The cups are shipped randomly, capacity: about 320 ~ 460 ml Brut Cake's "Smile Mug" is handmade. Designer Deng Nai Xuan painted it with a special brush, and painted a simple smiley face. Each face represents its own unique personality and its wonderful emotion with the user. link. We keep the unglazed block at the bottom of the cup as a tactile bridge, allowing people to touch the essence of the earth. [Description] The fabric goods of Brut Cake mainly use the earthen cloth of Jiangnan region in China, that is, the old handmade cloth. The cloth is at least 20 years old, and each piece is antique fabric. Some products have small thread ends when hand-woven textile wiring, which is not a defect, and those who cannot accept it, please do not buy it. In terms of washing, because of hand-woven textiles, some products will be slightly shrunken during the first washing. Ironing after washing will restore the leveling of the fabric. The dark blue fabric will fade slightly. The soil cloth will become soft after being washed many times. A few of the earthen cloths have traces of old years, but the fabrics are still strong and beautiful. We use some of them to cherish the materials and hope to get your approval. The color displayed on each computer screen is different. The actual color is the main one. If the color is not acceptable, please do not buy it. The clay ware of Brut Cake is handmade, there may be a few imperfections, and due to the nature of the raw materials, small pores, small black spots or small bumps will be generated on the surface during firing. The hand-painted smile pattern on the cup surface is a glazed colored paper, which may also show different shades of glaze when fired. The above is a normal phenomenon of hand-made. It will not affect the use and is not a defect. Perfectionists please evaluate whether it is acceptable before purchasing. The pores of the pottery utensils are large, so please avoid hot drinks or heating and immediately rinse with cold water. The cup should be cooled before flushing to avoid small cracks.


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