Family-custom birthstone necklace

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Legend has it that birthstone has the power to unite fate I can't help but silently make a long-lasting wish for this family.



Family-custom birthstone necklace


Please contact the designer after the order to provide the address to contact the subsequent breastfeeding issues喔 This is a necklace of custom birthstone combination. Please write the hoped birthstone combination in the remarks (example 2 birthstone style: September + breast ball + November) [Material] Main chain - 925 sterling silver Extension chain - 925 sterling silver Flower Cover Hardware - Alloy Platinum Platinum [size] Chain length: 445~450mm Extension chain: 20~30mm Birthstone: 5.5~6.5mm Breast ball: 10mm If there is a gift-giving request, please inform the designer in the remarks, and a bag will be attached to you~ Since becoming a mother, there have been various challenges in my life that I have never experienced before. Many of the first time I need to learn and explore. Breastmilk is the first time that my mother gave her heart and heart. It was the first taste that baby had tasted. Hajimete is the Japanese word for the first time. We know that this drop of breast milk carries the determination of the first mother. Warmth is the initial touch between you and your child. So we have a H-hanging tag on our necklaces and bracelets, so you can think of this precious first time. Hajimete introduces Japan's exclusive technology to Taiwan, and creates a unique breast milk crystal ball for every mother. We have the exclusive technology, different from the commercially available DIY material package, please feel free to hand over your breast milk to us to make beautiful commemorative jewelry. . {Precautions for breast milk balls} ★The breast milk crystal ball is not a glass product. At present, the hardness test of the product will not break when it is dropped from a high place. However, in order to protect the color of the jewelry and avoid serious yellowing of the breast milk crystal ball, please avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and avoid wearing bathing and Engaged in water activities. ★ Breast milk crystal ball should pay attention to the long-term residue of sweat, perfume and cosmetics, which may cause severe yellowing. Please dry it with a cotton cloth after use and put it in a zipper tape or box. ★ It is normal for microbubbles to be generated during the curing process of the breast milk crystal ball. ★Because of the relationship between the molds and the mold, the mold must be trimmed and polished. Therefore, one side will be uneven or have a small gap. If it is removed, the whole is not a perfect ball type. Please accept the mommy and make another order! ★Hajimete enjoys a one-year warranty on the breast milk crystal ball, and there will be a warranty card in the jewelry box. Please have a good collection. Note: The weather in Taiwan is damp compared to the high temperature in Japan, and the preservation of breast milk balls is relatively difficult. In recent years, it has been found that the breast milk ball in Taiwan may be slightly yellow like pearls due to climatic factors. This is a normal phenomenon. Please accept the order from Mommy. {Semi-precious notes} The semi-precious stones used in Hajimete are all natural stones. The shape of each color pattern is different. Please know before purchase: Pure natural crystal, with cotton wool, ice crack, mine pit, minerals in the package is normal. Designers have used high-quality natural stone to make, but the aesthetics vary from person to person. If you need to replace the gemstone, we are willing to serve, but you need to pay for the return shipping and materials, thank you. ♥♥The size of the natural semi-precious stones imported in each batch will have an error of plus or minus 0.5mm. Therefore, the birthstone combination cannot be the same size. Please accept the order of the mummy. {925 sterling silver chain notes} The silver chains sold by Hajimete are all 925 sterling silver. The silver chain is soft and the pull will break. Please pay more attention when wearing it! The contact of sterling silver jewelry with air and sweat will oxidize and blacken and lose luster. It is normal to use a silver cloth to wipe the beautiful color of pure silver! Know 925 sterling silver jewelry and maintenance tips Pure hands will have hand marks Due to the natural light conditions or the color of the personal screen, there will be some slight color difference~


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