Vanilla handmade soap wedding small thing

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Vanilla handmade soap wedding small thing


APOOZI happy agreement vanilla hand soap (snow yarn bag package section)

☁ Taiwan manufacturing spot + pre - order

【Order this paragraph / gift with the bag thanks to the card】

Ingredients: vanilla soaked olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, planted her own integrated herbs.
Size: approx. 4.8 x 3.8 x 0.7 (CM)
Quantity: 1 copy

[This spot + pre-order / minimum number of 100, please try to advance 3 months in advance]
Please contact us before ordering to discuss the product style, quantity, confirmation price and delivery time

Make a special order
[200 or more 95 fold, more than 300 92 fold, more than 500 off 88 fold]

● buy brand round label Happy Happy words tag "(need to be tied) →

● Please open the OPP package

Customized Order
● provide your own design patterns or company logo custom, text design, we help you make
Add custom stickers content → (please contact the designer)

● Customized / handmade soap on the back of the cover of the exclusive English word /
Add the customization of the English word soap chapter to go to (please contact the designer)

※ For details, please refer to the soap section
※ spot quantity please contact, a large number of customized if no quantity, about 30-45 custom days
※ Each product is made of hand-made packaging, custom-made words, etc., products can not accept the return policy

☼ natural vanilla handmade soap own brand ☼

We start from the planted natural non-toxic vanilla plants, hand-made and packaging design, no addition of chemicals and anti-corrosion, no gorgeous synthetic pigment and rich artificial flavor, but more pure and peace of mind.

Use natural vanilla and 100% pure vegetable oil, all ingredients can be biodegradable, environmental protection does not pollute the ocean. Long-term use will feel the body will breathe light sensible.

● rich in 72% of the high proportion of the Italian Extra Virgin top pressed virgin olive oil, the use of fresh herbs cold made of vanilla soaking oil, mixed with three kinds of natural vegetable oil handmade vanilla soap, no chemical composition and Fragrance, texture and moisture.

● The first extract of the cold pressed virgin olive oil, rich in vitamins A, D, E, minerals, protein.

● content of up to 72% of the vanilla Marseille soap, add their own home cultivation of fresh herbs, natural release of herbal extracts, so that the skin to enjoy the beauty of vanilla skin care.

● For the face, the body can also be used for shampoo.

【Usage and maintenance】

● face repair: recommended with sponge, bubble bags, kneading dense milk cream-like bubble, to avoid the eye to massage, can be deep clean, remove the makeup and old waste horny, to help skin care products to absorb.

● body nourish: recommended with bath towel, loofah, kneading rich foam, massage scrub, foam slightly stay in the skin, to strengthen the nourishing effect.

● hair conditioning: the proposed two-stage cleaning, the whole hair wet wash, the second amount of massage, dry for the normal sense of washing, blowing the whole hair after the rich and tough.

● Used handmade soap Please put it on the soap stand to keep it dry, pure natural hand soap does not contain preservatives, please use it as soon as possible after opening.

If you prepare two hand soap alternately use to slow down the melt, to extend the number of use.

● natural glycerol will absorb the water in the air so that the surface of the soap body oil, is a normal phenomenon.

● Unopened handmade soap Please put it in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight, and keep it for more than one year.

● handmade products can not be meticulous perfect, acceptable re-order.


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