[Christmas limited offer] [planted leather short clip] insert tip elegant rose wine short clip

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//Leather carving series // Crafted by the designer, using natural leather material Personally dye, smudge, and engrave, making a small surprise for you. The unique leather goods are also very special.


[Christmas limited offer] [planted leather short clip] insert tip elegant rose wine short clip


**[must see before buying]**
🔺 Production time announcements and offers🔺

Our offer
Christmas discount time until 12/31
Friends who have subscripted during this time can enjoy the current offer.
Let’s take a look at friends for the following time.

**Current Christmas statement**
Thank you for your support and care.

The whole museum stops ordering/shipping (shipping time to 19th)

⚠️The current ordering guests will not be able to start ordering after 12/24⚠️
👉🏻If you are not rushing, you can enjoy the Christmas discount and you can buy your favorite leather goods.
12/24 We will start to order the products you have subscripted~
(If the time is too long, please do not subscribe the standard if you do not accept it.)

**✨Closed period: 2018/12/13-2018/12/24 ✨**
During Closed can also**as usual subscript**subject, etc.**to begin production after 12/24**
Acceptable guests can sub-subscribe and have any questions about the purchase.

**😍 馆 馆 will still reply 😍**
Thank you for watching the announcement of the editorial ~
Like to order in advance ~ this Christmas offer is very cost-effective!

**Brand new item: leather carving series elegant rose wine red leather short clip**
Size: Size: 9.5X23.5 cm (spread)
Material: Italian vegetable tanned leather

※If you need to purchase magnetic buckle, please click the label magnetic buckle store
↓The following is the store of magnetic buckle

//Leather carving series //

Crafted by the designer, using natural leather material
Personally dye, smudge, and engrave, making a small surprise for you.
The unique leather goods are also very special.




★ This style is open with a plug

If you put a lot of volume today
The tip will help you adjust the opening of the wallet
There will be no dilemma that will open up too much

(This is a brown leather lining)

Internal introduction time
🎯7 card compartments
🎯1 photo placement
🎯Two banknote holders can be used to place invoice receipts and banknotes
🎯 There are three small dark layers ❤
🎯 a zip coin pocket



※Purchase Notes※

Our inner part is made with the first layer of leather and interlining.
The advantage is that it is thin, soft and light, which is suitable for the general public.

Adding Aigra vegetable tanned leather to the inside using vegetable tanned leather and interlining
Suitable for those who like leather
Advantages The leather feels thicker, the burning word is clear, but it will be thicker, and the purchaser must have knowledge.

(Agra Neri)

※If you need to purchase the AI Lag leather lining, please drop the quotation inside the store.
↓ The following is the purchase of the Ilag leather lining store and introduction
(Iraq leather inside is the vegetable tanned leather inside the burning word will be clearer!)

This wallet is not full leather
If it is combined with the lining cloth as mentioned above, it needs to be made of full leather.
Welcome to the private message order~

★ For first time purchasers, it is highly recommended to ask us first.
In order to avoid cognitive problems, causing follow-up troubles for both parties, thank you for your understanding.

※At first, some traces of the presser foot are normal, and will disappear after a period of use.
Do not mind subscript ~

※This item is hand dyed with vegetable tanned leather.
The condition of each piece of leather is different, the degree of color eating is also different, and the inherent color inequality is normal.
All are handmade, mind not to subscript

※You can burn free valet ~
Both Chinese and English can be unlimited (requires remarks on the remarks column)
●Note: the inner burning word will not be obvious, please do not subscript

The top quality of the museum is handmade by the designer.
Regardless of the sewing of the hand, there are a few points to tell each customer.

1 Sewing products: At the end of the rear, the lines will be overlapped by about 3 cm in order to prevent the thread from falling off! Traditional products are head-to-tail. I believe many people know that as long as the thread is loose, it will be out of control. There is no space for the thread to be prepared, so as long as it is opened, the line is taken off.
Since the sewing thread is hooked up and down, it is not enough as long as a part of the sewing force is loose. In order to increase the durability, we will use overlapping lines. Balanced in aesthetics and durability, so the end of our place is unified behind.

2 cowhide is natural leather, there will be lines, skin, embossing, these are unavoidable. This sewn wallet product, we advocate the leather (the first layer of leather) long clips bought in 2000, can not lose the texture, but the hand-made non-machine, how much will be created when the seam is made, such as mind can tell Designers, designers can also help you create high-priced wallets.




(The above is the natural texture of leather)

The price of the leather, the price of the wallet is divided:
There is no skin on the surface of the skull: each skin has a grain, avoiding all the lines to remove 40% of the leather, and the rest of the consumables are all paid by the customer.
❷ We make good use of the characteristics of the skin texture, and make use of each wallet to have its own unique place, try to use more than 80% of the leather.

The above points indicate that the sutures and skins are not defective, and we will not ship the products. For example, if the leather surface is damaged inside, it is inevitable that it is there, so we provide warranty and repair and maintenance!

**※Q&A that received the wallet**

Q: How can I not get the wallet?
A: The wallet is made of vegetable tanned leather. The texture is solid and hard. Therefore, we have to consider the new product when you are making it. If you use it very tightly, you will not be able to It's very open, and it's not easy to use the card when you use it, so it will be half-opened at the beginning.

Q: Will it always appear half-open?
A: You don't have to worry about this problem! Although the vegetable tanned leather is hard at first, it will be soft after a few weeks of use. It is the leather that used to be said to be soft for a long time. As long as you use the wallet, the wallet will remember the part of your card and the card. The amount to shape.

※instruction manual

1. The production period of the product is about 7-10 days (must see the size of the leather goods)
2. The photo is taken as a photo. Because the computer screen and the shooting light are different, the color is mainly based on the entity.
3. The color of the hand-dyed color cannot be the same every time. Please accept the difference and place the order again.
4. Natural leather sometimes has growth marks and scars. It is a natural phenomenon. It is not awkward. Please accept the order.

※Use and maintenance
1. Vegetable tanned leather will gradually darken with the use of daily life and the sun, and the color change speed will be different according to the way each person uses it.
2. Please carefully touch the water. If you accidentally encounter water, please wipe it off quickly and dry it in a cool place. After drying, gently wipe the surface with leather maintenance oil.
3. Scratch can not be completely eliminated, please be careful to avoid using it, if you accidentally scratch it, you can wipe it on the surface with a maintenance oil.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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