Plume Dip Pen x Inkwell

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Plume Dip Pen x Inkwell can precisely control the ink flow, providing users with a comfortable ink experience.


Plume Dip Pen x Inkwell


※ GeckoDesign Plume Dip Pen x Inkwell win "DESIGN TOKYO PRODUCTS AWARD 2018 "

Plume Dip Pen :
The "Plume Dip Pen" inherited the classical shape image of quill pens, showing black sandalwood of modern aesthetics.
Through the conversion of contemporary materials,Pen nib made of handmade glass, Ink absorbing groove design so that the amount of ink contained in the ink is sufficient.
It is both environmentally friendly and practical, displaying beautiful and practical modern craftsmanship.

Product advantages:
1. Plume Dip Pen ink sucking smoothly
2. A sufficient amount of ink ,the ink does not overflow
3. No specific writing angle and directionality
4. Easy to clean without rust

Exquisite High-quality Plume Dip Pen Collection Box:
1.Magnetic buckle clamshell packaging collection box, both beautiful and dust-proof features.
2. Includes a cushion to protect the Plume Dip Pen from collision.
3. Place home or on the table or cabinet to create a taste of life.
4. Exquisite high-quality collection box, protect the product's collection, is the best gift package.

size: Plume Dip Pen 170 x 17 x 10 (mm) / Pen nib about 0.3mm
Weight: Plume Dip Pen about 13 (g)
Material: Glass + wood
Origin / Production: Made in China / Taiwan Design / Assembled in Taiwan

※ This product does not apply waterproof ink.

Inkwell :
The ink bottle is most afraid of not seeing the depth of the ink. The traditional metal ink tip is prone to absorb ink on the paper, or stain the finger. It is not easy to control.

"Inkwell" utilizes atmospheric pressure convection principle, which can automatically and continuously supply ink while turning over, without causing a large amount of ink to flow out, and can precisely control the ink flow, providing users with a comfortable and comfortable ink-sticking experience.
Since then, the relationship between the ink bottle and the pen has reached a perfect understanding.

Product advantages:
1. Commodity use atmospheric pressure convection principle to automatically control ink supply.
2. The glass bottle can clearly know the ink depth and control the amount of ink on the tip.
3. Using the flip principle to complete the supply of ink and recovery of ink
4 .Not afraid of ink stick pen, easy to use.
5. The best choice currently available on the market, limited edition, collections and gifts.

Size: Inkwell about 67 x 66 x 70 (mm)
Weight: Inkwell about 25~30 (g)
Material: glass
Origin / Production: Made in China / Taiwan Design /Assembled in Taiwan

※ This product comes with no ink.

※ This product does not apply waterproof ink.

※ Inkwell ink capacity The maximum capacity is about 40 ml,
Because the ink bottle is hand-made, there will be some slight differences in size.
Please rely on the actual size of the ink bottle.

※ The Inkwell inner diameter of the ink mouth is about 10mm and the depth is 30mm.

Note: This is a hand-made art, size can not be exactly the same shape, please think twice before buying and read the product information content. Where personal factors, such as: impulsive shopper, style inconsistent, color do not like people, who have not seen after, materials and imagination are different ... and other personal factors, rather than the problem of the product itself, forgive us Unable to cooperate with return service! Consumers who are advised to consider personal factors, please visit the store or department store to avoid unnecessary disputes.

If you need to return goods, please cooperate with compliance with the notice below, thank you for your cooperation.


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