L autumn models big bag - good bread Goro

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L autumn models big bag - good bread Goro


L autumn models big bag - good bread Goro

Following the "autumn canvas bag" after the holiday canvas bag, large bottom button - thick cotton canvas;
Past a small pouch type, this time looking for the two sizes (M / L), high tall girls and 180 boys back up and also less likely to feel awkward :)

- L models Product Description -
Bag: length 39.5cm / width 37cm / bottom width of 9.5cm / 69 ~ 71cm length risers
Thick cotton canvas
Portable / shoulder
Bottomed canvas bag (can hold more stuff!),
Both Jieke put A4 (21 * 29.7cm) and laptop

- Small caution -
1. The pattern is a hand serigraphy, before use, please every cloth ironing pattern portion;
Differences each bag silk printed pattern will be slightly if do not accept the next set
2. Wash: a washing machine or hand wash, please put into the laundry bag folded back.

* New canvas bag Jie sizing, you must first soaked in water for 20 minutes, changing the water 2-3 times, until the water is no longer yellow, the bag will become soft,
Bag portion to be connected to the bubble (if not directly soaked cleaning, the bag will pulp a little bit yellow stains Oh.)
* Hand wash, rub Avoid patterns.

- Room stupid role description -
Introduction fertilizer too kept a goldfish - beep child, no matter what they are doing together.
Goro is living next door occasionally go home the prodigal cat; he found next door there was a goldfish - beep child, in order to attract her attention, too Goro also learn mediator stay the same hairstyle.


Too dielectric wa で っ Bru goldfish ga gavage ~ te ri i ma si, du son (DU, ZI).
Ko-do understands row ni ~ te mo pay a thread engagement ki i ma si ~ te.
O ni wa Goro live kaesa ru san で の side 々 even pour ku sa ga ri cat desu.
Thou ru day, he ha ki na good will with the hand ni ~ te, ni port element food い shi san ga thou っ ta mole Square du son (DU, ZI) ga good ki ni na っ ta.
Note Binv の ta Circular wo lead carbonate, Goro mo dielectric too の yo-u na wo Suites イ Toray type Zhensi Fa ち ゃ っ shi ta.

There is a cat whose name WU, LANG and seldom comes home living next to JIE, TAI and DU, ZI. He seems nothing care, but he loves DU, ZI very much.
Origin / manufacturing methods


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