Kites - Green Cup Set - Industrial Blue

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Suitable for hand cups/coffee cups with narrow widths.



Kites - Green Cup Set - Industrial Blue


▲▲ Small Kite - Green Cup Set - Industrial Blue ▲▲ @ Suitable for hand cups/coffee cups with wide and narrow widths. @ Party Cup / fat cup / mini test cup / breakfast shop special small cup / modeling cup can not be smashed. Not 100% of all beverage cups are suitable, but 70% of the market's more versatile beverage cups are suitable. If the size of the cup is in doubt, please leave a message to the kite for a good reply. @Material: Water repellent. Wearable. Not smelly. Quick drying. Good storage. ---------------------------- **Not waterproof cloth (Waterproof cloth itself has a plastic film. It is still a kind of plastic. For a while, the film will become yellow.) ---------------------------- **There are many inquiries. Can be made with a headband made of cotton fabric - not recommended. Kite Tested: General Cotton (The cotton cloth will absorb water easily. After drying, it will have a boring smell / due to a long time of gravity/tension. It will be easily deformed.) ----------------------------- @ Single bread sew. Lighter. @ Love the Earth. Reduce the plastic bags that the shopkeeper took once it was lost. Use environmental protection cup sets (repeated use). Eco-friendly and stylish. @Send the packaged cartons. All are recycled after being used twice. So the cartons will be patterned/text/slightly traced. @Tested. Starbucks/7-11/Family/50/Muss/McDonald/KFC/Tea Soup Club Chunfang / Qingyu / Dayuanzi / tea 85 degrees c .... etc. @ Cleaning method: Hand wash is better. Or into the laundry bag. Flat and dry. @ quantity unit - 1. @ Each is hand-made. The position of the fabric pattern will be slightly different when trimming! (but it is determined to be the same fabric) **(If it is not possible to have parcels at home all day, it is highly recommended: select the whole family to shop. Code payment)* **(mailed by the post office. Can't choose date/time period - depending on post office route)* ▲ ▲ high standard perfectionist do not place orders. Small kite goods are 100% hand-made Merchandise is inevitably somewhat hand-made. This is hand-made non-manufactured. Does not affect the wear and appearance. Perfectionist troubles leave the hand as a creator. (Please don't place an order - please. Please. The future will cause both parties to be unpleasant) It is strongly recommended that you purchase from upscale department stores. @Before ordering - If you have any questions, please click the contact designer to ask! Thank you!! @ Same reply to order question: 8pm to 10pm. @ How much color the computer will have the error. The goods will be subject to the actual product. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ ▲▲ Shipping (Post Office): *Saturday.Sunday most of the post office breaks - small kite Saturday.Sunday is unable to send goods. * General packet registration - Post Office -**((cannot specify time delivery))**. *The package will not be received until approximately 2-4 days after delivery - it depends on the circumstances of each post office - please be careful. * At the time of delivery at the post office - if no one receives the package - ask the buyer to carry the identity card and the seal to pick up the package at the post office. * If you are not at home or inconvenient parcels sent to your home - Kite will recommend the buyer choose the whole family supermarket (store to shop to pick up). ▲ ▲ freight (whole family supermarket - shop to shop): *About 2 days after sending out, we will go to the designated supermarket. (Excluding - non-operator is not open for 24 hours - waiting time will be longer) * There will be a pickup notification newsletter - ask the buyer (person) to carry the ID card and inform the super shopkeeper your name. Please be sure to pick up the goods within 6 days. *If the parcel hasn't been picked up because of time, the Super Chamber will return the merchandise to the kite. Buyers have to "pay" for the second time shipping costs 60 yuan. (If you want to go abroad or business trips and other factors - just miss the time to pick up 6 days. Please leave a message to the little kite - it will send the goods to the postponed time) ▲ shop to pick up the goods - refers to the payment - go to the supermarket to pick up) **(((((((((((((((((((No cash on delivery)))))))))))))))** ▲ ▲ Freight. Sent to Hong Kong. Macau. China. Please select Pinkoi International Transit Center (Do not choose to post. Mail refers to Taiwan Island) manual: -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ▲ ▲ Origin / manufacturing methods: Taiwan MIT / Small kite made by hand ▲ ▲ The delay in receiving packages was the most common: 1. Family / Management Building / Neighbors have been on the contract. 2. Schools. Hospitals. Large business units. The mail room is sealed and the parcels are placed in the mail warehouse. 3. Remote mountainous areas, Taitung, Wuhu, Matsu, and Kinmen. (Need to wait for another 4-6 days) (The kite is more worried than you about the parcel did not allow you to receive) ▲▲ After receiving the product: If the product is sent in the wrong color, the goods in the shipping process are seriously damaged. Please inform the kite. You will find ways to deal with it. If you do not communicate directly, you will directly give negative comments. The little kite will cry (;_;)


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