Bears are hand-made. Handmade double-sided natural wind cloth bag. Retro Eastern European Flower (without leather strap)

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The cloth bag does not contain the original leather strap, the handmade raw leather strap is sold separately), both sides can be used.. Buy a coffee bag equal to two models can be used, the size: about 40 cm on both sides, the center is about 20 cm high, t



Bears are hand-made. Handmade double-sided natural wind cloth bag. Retro Eastern European Flower (without leather strap)


The bear's ankle is made by hand. Handmade double-sided natural wind cloth bag, there are four colors! Friends who like to wear Japanese natural style clothes~ These four models are very good! This cloth miki production can be used on both sides~ You can use it according to different moods and different dresses! The fourth cloth bag. Vintage Eastern European 🌼 flowers (one chocolate bottom, the other side is green) Handmade double-sided natural wind cloth bag (excluding original leather strap, handmade raw leather strap sold separately, also does not contain pink smile bag, smile bag for private) Dimensions: about 40 cm high on both sides, about 20 cm high in the center, about 40 cm wide at the bottom of the bag *If you don't wear a leather strap, you can directly tie it up, or use it as a bag in a rattan bag.) Cloth bag a manual price NT$1380 (send 7-11 stores to the store) Handmade cloth bag, Miki hand-made, using imported Japanese cotton + Japanese imported stitching. Both sides can be used.... Buying a coffee bag is equivalent to having two models that can be used in different colors! Hand production is time consuming and material cost is high, and bargaining is not accepted.*Manual products are time-consuming, they are ordered according to the remittance order. After the payment is made, the production will not be accepted. The producers will be required to make another order. Thank you*7-10 days after payment! Handmade raw leather strap It can be used on the shoulders or on the back! * The straps in the photos are lighter in color. The original skin will become darker after a long time, and some of the feelings will be better and better! Handmade raw leather strap: Miki handmade, 100% non-stained raw leather + metal buckle ring and other materials. The front and back of the skin are smeared with natural treatments and hand-polished. The touch is smooth and shiny, and the dandruff is also less. *Single dye-free leather, no dyeing will not contaminate the clothes! Size: about 74 cm long (including adjustment ring) The original leather strap has a manual price of NT$880 (the delivery of 7-11 stores to the store). The production of the handwork takes time and the material cost is high, and the bargaining price is not accepted.


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