Myanmar teak hand-painted animal pencil box / storage box (both patterns can be customized) paper tape wooden box

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Hand drawn animals, teak pencil case, lacquer paint


Myanmar teak hand-painted animal pencil box / storage box (both patterns can be customized) paper tape wooden box


***** Customers please keep in touch with us when placing an order. Whether you want a custom pattern or purchase a spot, please be sure to tell us the pattern you need. Wood species: We chose to use dark and fine-grained teak laminated wood as the main body of this work instead of ordinary softwood and lighter pine, mainly because such hardwoods are less prone to bumps and depressions, and It can be used for a longer period of time, and because it is hardwood, its value is much higher than that of ordinary soft wood (pine). As time goes by, the texture of the wood will become better and better. What is laminated wood? Laminated wood is also a type of solid wood, which is more environmentally friendly and more valuable than a class of wood. Since the sheet is dried during the manufacturing stage, it is difficult to cause deviations such as deformation or cracking due to drying of the wood after construction. In order to stabilize the size of the wood, it is necessary to properly dry it, but the time required for drying varies greatly depending on the size of the wood. By making large logs into small thin layers, they can be dried in a short time. Laminated wood is also a solid wood with the characteristics of dispersion, uniform quality, and stable size. It can solve the problems of difficult to obtain large-section materials, uneven strength and quality, and easy drying during the drying process. coating: The general direction of our creation is to hope to make works that consumers can use for a long time. Every detail and corner we strictly examine. We use raw lacquer for the outer coating. Maybe you will be unfamiliar with raw lacquer. It is a milky white colloidal liquid cut from the lacquer tree. Once exposed to air, it turns brown. After a few hours, the surface dries and hardens to produce patent leather. Due to its many excellent properties, natural raw lacquers are very versatile. Raw lacquer has high economic value. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, acid resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance, water resistance and insulation, and luster. It is a military industry, industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, infrastructure, handicrafts and civilian furniture. And other quality coatings. Each animal is designed, discussed, modified, shaped, completely without the hands of others, and then acrylic paints are stacked on top of each other and drawn, because of this, even if it is the same animal, but Each brush stroke drawn will be different. It is a unique existence in the world. Maybe it is not economical to draw an animal and an animal slowly, but we insist on not making a large number of copies because we firmly believe that each received work Of people, they hope that the creators treat their favorite works with 100% emotion. Opening and closing method: The magnetic opening and closing method, because we care about the proportion of the magnet will affect the beauty of the pencil box, so we choose to use the smallest magnet with a diameter of only 2mm, but don't worry about the lack of magnetic force, because we have installed a total of 10 magnets evenly distributed on the wooden box. Let the magnet suction force be evenly distributed, the hand feels harmonious when you open the pencil box, and you can also feel a large magnet standing there visually. Size: 21 x 6.7 x 4.5 (cm) Humble hand work: Following the father ’s wooden signboard and spirit ten years ago, Pay attention to solid feel, Do your best to maintain the simplicity and folly in your creation. It is expected that the object will develop a story in the collector, which is durable, beautiful and intriguing. The work of retaining the simplicity of the work is the embodiment of the care of the hand. Shouzhu is a life-related article, Pick good wood, High purity metals, And hand-cooked pottery, Create a form that can be integrated into the mountains or into the home; Create a form that can be used daily, as well as recalled or meditated. Hope it can accompany you for a long time, I hope your kids can see and use them. one day, Some would say, what is this pottery for? So lovely! Some would say, what is the use of this wooden box? Really do it! Others would say, how does this ring work? So meticulous, so special! This is what we are after, Maybe outdated values However, we can only have one faith. Facebook friends named "Shou Hou Shou live" likes trouble in Facebook fan group like


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