Send packing exchange gift fortune group magnet succulent bonsai

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Send packing exchange gift rich money succulent magnet pot



Send packing exchange gift fortune group magnet succulent bonsai


Exchanging gifts fortune group succulent magnet small potted plant Send packing! Can be sent directly after receiving Product contains Fortune Cement Basin 1 1 inch succulents each (random shipment) Box with golden bow Care instructions This coupon group cannot be replaced with other fonts. Must read! The succulents in this design hall are all “gifts”. They are delivered fresh from the succulent farm every week and shipped randomly with the pot. There are many kinds of succulents! There are many kinds of succulents! There are many kinds of succulents! All colors and shapes are available, not just green! !! If you have any questions about the type of meat you get, we are always happy to help you! If due to their fleshy common sense and who leave incorrect information in the evaluation area, they will all report to pinkoi for suspension! Grateful // creation idea Small potted plants with expressive text ~ plus powerful magnets can be placed flat or can be adsorbed on any iron surface, For example: refrigerator, iron door, desk As long as it can be adsorbed ~ my garden is everywhere. // Material Cement, strong magnet //size 4cm long 4cm wide 4cm high Hole is one inch pot size English letters are 0.6cm each #Offer combination content cannot be replaced with other fonts. Comes with succulents ... #Little succulent plants are in a micro-root state. If you accidentally drop them, you can gently put them back into the soil, and they will stand firmly and grasp the roots in about 10 days. The succulents in the design hall are propagated by cuttings, which is to take a shoot from the succulent mother plant and plant it in the soil after the incision is healed. Therefore, when you get the hand, the plants are micro-rooted or non-rooted. Normal phenomenon, it takes 7 to 10 days for the roots to stand. #Because Super Business cannot pick up the fragile products and this side is up, there will be some risks during the delivery process. If there is any doubt, it is recommended to use home delivery as the safest shipping method at present. We will try our best to do it when each plant is shipped. The best protection, I hope everyone can receive the perfect product. #This product is a discount product ~ Not applicable to all museum coupons // Cement products are exclusive hand-made. The bubbles, texture and color blocks on the cement surface are formed naturally, so each piece is unique. It is made for you, please confirm it before you order it. Packaging reminder: In order to protect the safety of the goods when shipped, regardless of the quantity, they will be packed in the same box uniformly and protected with multi-layer bubble paper. If you need to send gifts individually, please order separately or refer to our packaging combination www.pinkoi .com / product / SwwkfLqN? cat ... thank Thoughtful reminder // Cement has good water absorption, so there is no need to worry about poor drainage. The succulent plant does not need much water. It is suitable for indoor or half-sunlit places. It can be given a little water in about 4 to 5 days. I want green and beautiful Let him spend a week or two in a semi-shade place that absorbs sunlight (it can't be directly sunlit, the window is the best). If the water is given too much, the succulent plants will grow bigger ~ I want to maintain it all the time Cute, she must control the water strictly, she will grow up well at other times ^^ Please open the succulent plants as soon as possible after the arrival of the succulent plants. If the succulent plants are too stuffy for a long time, the flesh will wither. The succulent plants in the design museum will be presented with the cement pot. Flower farm) website purchase, thanks Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan handmade


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