Hand-made wooden bowls carved black walnut L17.5CM diameter

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Hand-made wooden bowls carved black walnut L17.5CM diameter


/ These say / Size: L 17.5CM diameter (handmade, each piece slightly different size) Need other sizes, go to View Our Design Hall Material: American Black Walnut Production: hand-carved polished, no splicing Finish: homemade natural wood wax Maintenance: As the utensils we saw no need for special maintenance, But wood is not recommended to use the dishwasher, the microwave, sun exposure, etc., After use to dry with a soft clean cloth in cool place. Handmade products are handmade signs exist, we have been regarded as better Each wood texture, hand-made signs, the color will be different Handmade wood may vary slightly rough, but does not affect the appearance and use Items in different light colors will look fine distinction https://gw.alicdn.com/tfscom/i2/179300337592305189/TB2pQYeX3FkpuFjSspnXXb4qFXa_!!0-dgshop.jpg The bowl can be traced back to 2014, roughly the time, As the process, curve, and so the problem of surface treatment, Till now only on new, Like the bowls before the promise of a friend, Think of it almost two years time. https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/626467930/TB2xSvgX88kpuFjSspeXXc7IpXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg We chose for car stripes of black walnut in North America, instead of the usual vertical stripes, This approach allows each bowl has a very beautiful patterns, But the downside is polished in the production process greatly increased the difficulty, We are demanding product quality led to this bowl is really no way to quickly produce large quantities, So every time a new narrow one, The next batch when there? With it will be able to meet? Not allowed to say, so this bowl named for a very fortunate if appropriate! https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/626467930/TB2.r2fX88lpuFjSspaXXXJKpXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/626467930/TB2SrYfXYFlpuFjy0FgXXbRBVXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/626467930/TB2BQPeX80kpuFjy1zdXXXuUVXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg After numerous tests, we finally finalized the outline of such a wooden bowl curve, and on the outside of the bowl with a broken knife handle, whether it is a single hand or both hands are very comfortable and feel full. https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/626467930/TB2lDjdX8NkpuFjy0FaXXbRCVXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/626467930/TB26XLfXY0kpuFjy0FjXXcBbVXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/626467930/TB2NZTfXY0kpuFjy0FjXXcBbVXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/626467930/TB2XyHgX88lpuFjy0FnXXcZyXXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/626467930/TB26ODgX80kpuFjSsppXXcGTXXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/626467930/TB2VXzeX3NlpuFjy0FfXXX3CpXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg We also follow the same curve successively increased by more than three bowl, Very suitable for use as a salad bowl. https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/626467930/TB2wiLfX3xlpuFjSszgXXcJdpXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg It can be a bowl of food (especially pudgy or fine food) spoon into the spoon, As to why this did not bowl a minimum number of design? Because the size of the bowl can just holding in her hand up! https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/626467930/TB2t1rhX9FjpuFjSspbXXXagVXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg In the surface treatment, We conducted a test comparison of a variety of coatings, Eventually choice of food-grade wood wax treatment, Compared with common polyurethane, polyurethane after the paint damage, With home repair becomes very difficult, but the benefits of wood wax coating is, When wooden bowls become dry, With a little care about your own home you can continue to use, Wooden bowls and even damaged, users can also continue to use its own polish. Wooden bowls now have shelves, finished not a lot, What to do next time is unknown, If you could meet one another at this moment, it is a fortunate too. https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/626467930/TB2Si4NahtmpuFjSZFqXXbHFpXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg Particularly carefully selected high quality fas grade North American black walnut, From planing, cutting, machined and then carving, polishing, Before and after five steps, each time irreversible leave marks, It has become a unique mark, Step by step from scratch, A piece of wood, into a bowl. https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/626467930/TB24SVNahtmpuFjSZFqXXbHFpXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/626467930/TB2ISdSab4npuFjSZFmXXXl4FXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/626467930/TB2IuHfX9hlpuFjSspkXXa1ApXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/626467930/TB29afiX80kpuFjSsppXXcGTXXa_!!626467930-0-headline_editor.jpg_Q75.jpg Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade Chinese origin


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