925 Sterling Silver Necklace Double Circle One-piece Texture Christ Gospel Gift Baptism Baptism

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Blessing Plan | Textured Gospel Gift 925 Sterling Silver Necklace [Double] Circle Shaped Textured Christ Gospel Gift Baptism Baptism Gift Necklace / Length about 40cm, Pendant-about 2.5cm * 1.3cm


925 Sterling Silver Necklace Double Circle One-piece Texture Christ Gospel Gift Baptism Baptism


925 sterling silver necklace 【Double】 The total length of the necklace is about 42cm Blessing plan brand research design, pattern making, we like to use simple elements to build durable and textured jewelry in the lines. It can also be seen from everyone's eyes, giving the work a different meaning ✨ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ : Blessed people will become blessed ones. [The Blessing Project] The brand began in the summer of 2016. The brand was originally designed to support the "Tainan Evergreen Middle School. Rugby School Team" jersey sponsorship. The first merchandise revenue successfully completed the sponsorship. Later, I continued to design and think of other commodities, and dreamed of blessing many people with the merchandise and income of the blessing plan. The founder of the brand is the musician Dian Tian (a drummer and songwriter of the Cherry Gang of the Taiwan Women ’s Orchestra). He is currently serving the Taishui Living Water Church with his husband Pastor Kristopher, devoting himself to the education and pastoral work of students and social youth. Young people can live a different life. [The Blessing Project] belongs to Kingdom Business, strategic use of business channels and income to achieve vision. The products of [The Blessing Project] are all based on the design of the "Bible". Several Christian designers share the same passion for "the life of young people". We love seeing the words, dialogues, and stories in the Bible. They are presented in a professional and creative way. We hope that in the young ethnic group, design field, In the Gospel Commodity Market, contribute more designs with texture, vitality and beautiful meaning. [Blessing Project The Blessing Project] products are all we really like and will actually use. In the process of design and production, there are many different levels of discussion, thank you for the help of many people, let us present our ideas. Thank you more to Jesus, because all wisdom and creativity come from him. 🔺Facebook Page: Blessing Project_The Blessing Project 🔺IG account: TheBlessingProject


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