Coffee - Golden coffee beans - Vintage brass ring Custom coffee gourmet handmade jewelry

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Ring size according to custom, please note station letter to inform the designer. // Brass material, wear a long time th



Coffee - Golden coffee beans - Vintage brass ring Custom coffee gourmet handmade jewelry


**【Department of coffee】**

Christmas is coming, GUDEA coffee series introduced the King of coffee beans ~
Brass material, wear a long time the color will slowly turn darker, the surface texture is more obvious, together with the delicate taste of the time-honored texture ~

♦ hand-built, each size differences, are unique, please accept the customer orders to buy Oh!

//// Description of work //// ···································· ·····················································································

▼ ring around the measurement method
- If you already have a suitable ring around the ring, place the ring flat on the ruler to see the maximum diameter of the ring (excluding the thickness of the ring).
- Measure the length with a thin elastic cord or ruler around the bottom of the finger to be worn, and then divide the length by 3.14 to get the ring diameter. Then check your ring around the ring.
// small caution
- Changes in temperature will affect the size of the fingers, when the temperature is low, when the temperature is high, the measurement of the tightness of the line should be comfortable, do not pull too tight.
- Each person's right hand may have a difference of 1 to 2, please measure separately.

▼ product specifications
Coffee beans are about 10mm x 8mm
- Ring about 5mm x 1mm
- Ring size according to custom
Weight: about 3.5g
(Size to measure the maximum width of the entity)

▼ material

▼ surface treatment
Manual brushing

▼ packaging
Are attached to the box, the folder with a zipper bag, silver polishing cloth, gift or their collection is very suitable Oh

//// All taxes included price //// ·················································· ···························································································

▼ use and maintenance methods
/ Manual brush /
- It is recommended that you wear it regularly, as the body oils give silver a naturally warm luster. But to avoid the case of sweat will wear a lot, more acid due to sweat will accelerate silver oxide black.
- Please avoid contact with hot springs, perfumes, vinegar, fruit juice, bleach, chemical lotion, so as not to accelerate silver oxide black.
- Silverware will have a normal oxidation phenomenon, please clean it when not wearing, dry, income Gudea complimentary zipper bag to save, can reduce the occurrence of oxidation.
- When the oxidation of black or color is not satisfied, available silver polishing cloth or fine bristles toothbrush light brush to clean the surface, and then rinse with water rinse.
- Do not pull or serious collision, friction caused silver damage.

/ Plating /
- Plating makes the silver not to be oxidized due to the contact with air for too long, usually wiping the surface with cotton cloth can maintain the bright luster without using the silver polishing cloth (silver cloth with fine polishing powder, scratch the surface plating)
- Although the coating is not easy to fade, but should avoid friction and impact, to avoid sweating the case of a lot of wear, and please take off in the bath, because the humid environment will accelerate the destruction of plating.
- Rose gold is precious metal - rhodium plating solution plus trace amounts of copper, so it will oxidize slowly over time.
- Please wipe it clean, dry and free of charge when worn by gudea.

/ Curing process /
- Vulcanization refers to the deliberately deepening of the color at the crevices of silverware to make the jewelry more three-dimensional and vintage-looking, so do not over-clean and may cause the faded parts to vulcanize.
- Usually use cotton cloth to wipe.

/ 925 sterling silver chain /
Gudea comes with 925 sterling silver chain surface without electroplating, cleaning methods suggest that you first soak hot water gaisala off, and then use a fine bristled toothpaste brushing.

▼ Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan Handmade in Taiwan


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