Love the dust. A5 marble pattern Mengzong bamboo strip loose-leaf (media 1.0 pen for paper) - green

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Love the dust. A5 marble pattern Mengzong bamboo strip loose-leaf (paper 1.0 pen for paper) - green


Love the dust. A5 marble pattern Mengzong bamboo strip loose-leaf (media 1.0 pen for paper) - green

商品説明 **There are 4 colors to choose from! (Black / Pink / Blue / Green)** 【书衣】 Cover material: advanced synthetic leather Cover color: green (marble line) Book back strip material: Taiwan Meng Zongzhu Size: 25K - A5 / 20 hole sliding clip loose-leaf Logo: Branding With the Mengzong bamboo back strip, the bamboo piece presents a simple temperament and enhances the overall texture. This is a natural material and the bamboo may have different spots or textures. 【Inside page】 Paper: Media 1.0 Pen Paper (Mui Kai Paper 1.0) Thickness: approx. 10 mm (paper thickness 80g, 160 sheets per 80 sheets, thickness 1 cm) content: - Square note page (the square to the right of the left horizontal line) - double-sided full version of the inner page - horizontal line page - 2020 annual plan inner page - 2020 annual plan page The pride from Taiwan - the paper. [Mui Kai Paper]. Mui Kai is the medium-speaking pronunciation of Taiwanese, while Taiwanese is the native language of Taiwan, and paper is a medium for conveying emotions and recording memories. Made of paper made in Taiwan. [Mui Kai Paper], comparable to the quality of Germany and Japan, is designed for the use of pens to write the group, the ultimate writing paper created by the ultimate craftsmanship, smooth touch, not only allows the ink to appear more full of color It can also greatly reduce the common burrs and make your writing an artistic feast. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- This paper was originally developed for export to Germany. It is specially adjusted for Taiwanese pen lovers. It is sold exclusively and added with special ingredients to make the pen ink more full and reduce the burrs of more than 90%. Compared with the market handbook, the difference is obvious, and the magnifying glass can be used to see the delicate effect. Let your writing be an art too! 【Product packaging】 1. The goods will be packed in kraft paper, tied with hemp rope and added with Xieka, and the outside will be protected by bubble paper. The package size will vary depending on the size of the product. 2. You can choose the public version of the Sheka card according to your needs. The color of Xieka is not picky at random. If you like our products, please let us know, or search for "Lei Tai Log" for more information, your support is our driving force for growth! PS 1. Product photos and actual products may have color errors, which may vary visually with different light or screen tones. Please accept the order, thank you. 2. Mengzong Zhushu's back strip is a natural forest. Bamboo may have different spots or lines. If you can't accept the difference, please do not place an order. 3. It is not shipped during the holiday. Place of Origin: Taiwan, in line with FSC regulations


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