100% log multi-function storage tray black walnut table counter storage helper

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100% black walnut wood multi-function storage tray table counter storage helper Multi-function storage tray Cutting the different grooves with logs to make the storage space is the nemesis of the messy desktop, which makes your life orderly and adds a tast


100% log multi-function storage tray black walnut table counter storage helper


The multi-purpose storage tray cuts the different grooves to make the storage space. It is the storage helper for the nemesis, table and counter on the messy desktop, so that your life is orderly and adds a taste. Stick to the natural color of a drop of pigment to make your table pleasing to the eye. There is a layer of German imported natural wood oil on the surface of the wooden plate. Please feel free to use it! |The benefits of logs are many 1. Logs that will breathe: Logs are the most natural material, retaining the ability of wood cells to self-regulate and repair, plus proper maintenance to extend the lifespan. 2. Non-toxic sheet: It is not a sticky wood, there will be no extra chemical additives, so you can use it safely and healthily. 3. North American Black Walnut: It has strong anti-corrosion ability. The color of the logs is light brown to dark brown. Each piece of grain is different, but each piece is as detailed. 4. Natural, environmentally friendly and durable: retain the appearance of logs, reduce unnecessary man-made processing, and present rich wood texture. | Size Length 37 x width 14 x thickness 1.8 cm |weight 317 g |How to clean Before using this product, please wash it with water, dry it with a dry cloth, and dry it in a cool place. Use neutral dishwashing detergent. In order to extend the life of the logs, do not put them in the dishwasher for cleaning! Precautions 1. Please confirm the "average waiting production days" before purchase. Each one is carefully designed and needs some production time. Please forgive me. 2. Natural logs: This product is completely natural raw wood (logid products), without chemical dyeing or adding, there will be natural color difference, the product photos are for reference only, some cases of cracks, please read the instructions before buying. Wooden products are fragile materials. Do not apply pressure to avoid cracking. 3. Comfortable environment: Avoid sun exposure or excessive drying environment, which will cause cracking of wood; avoid long-term dampness and darkness. Please keep it dry and clean it properly. Do not soak it in water for a long time. Do not place this product in a flammable, dry, hot, humid place. 4. Maintenance: Do not use chemical detergent to clean. For detailed maintenance, please wipe with a dry cloth or use fine sandpaper to remove the stain.


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