Tiger wang tai home / theory theory small character sound embroidery cloth doll

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Tiger wang tai home / theory theory small character sound embroidery cloth doll


Wang Taijia / insist on doing their own vegetarian tiger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AUodFzbDBI Wang Taijia is a vegetarian little tiger who feels that killing animals is cruel. From small family there is a lot of hope in Wang Tai family who, for him to prepare a lot of hunting training. But he was very resistant to eating meat, do not like to become the family's own mind. Slowly adhere to the meat does not eat the royal family began to be cold, was similar exclusion, so determined to leave the meat world, to find their own set of life mode. One day, Wang Tai family found himself really love to eat broccoli, So decided to be a farmer, intends to plant the world's best to eat broccoli. But also because the heart of the organic broccoli is delicious, They slowly know a lot of herbivorous "similar" friends, live a harmonious and happy. Wang Taijia: "loyalty to their own can find a day for their own." Wang Tai home / size specifications Height: ~ 17cm Width: ~ 13.5cm Weight: ~ 80g (Due to manual manufacturing, the size of a slight amount of access) Material: cotton ribbed fabric, polyester pearl cotton ★ Wang Tai family head wearing a farmer hat and holding his own kind of broccoli ★ by the belly will "bubi" shouting! Each role will be in a special bundle pocket, Waiting for you to take them home! Doll cleaning method: ★ recommended hand wash (to avoid dolls because of high-speed agitation caused by variants) 1. First take off the dust on the doll's surface. 2. With water basin, pour into the laundry and stir to dissolve, the doll into, soak for about 20 minutes. With a small brush on the small range of light circular scrolling, the sewage drained, rinse with water. And then re-installed water and clothing softener and then soak for 10 minutes, and then rinse with water until the soaked water showed a transparent colorless so far. 3. Gently squeeze the doll with a dry cloth for a few minutes to dry the water. 4. Dry dry doll, or in the sun under the sun, until the full cotton so far. (About a few days.) Origin / manufacturing method Hong Kong handmade sewing manufacturing


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