Full of love - sea agate + moonstone + sea sapphire + pink chalcedony + wood fossil + blue line stone

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Choose different colors of spar design, summer color is rich and thick, but also a variety of different effects, spar also uses a larger size, unique personality


Full of love - sea agate + moonstone + sea sapphire + pink chalcedony + wood fossil + blue line stone


https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48313613642_3343c77f96_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48313613787_8f32a2bb9c_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48313495461_031b74f38f_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48313495511_36244ffc07_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48313495616_03e5373bb1_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48313494991_a41c914cfa_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48313613442_741b507db1_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48313495056_c248e09d96_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48313495231_838e4ba92a_b.jpg **Our original design. Do not copy in the same industry** **Natural sea pattern agate + moonstone + sea sapphire + pink chalcedony + wood fossil + blue line stone + morgan stone + sterling silver bracelet** **Aqate + Moonstone + Aquamarine + Pink Chalcedony + Petrified Wood + Dumortierite Quartz + Morganite + Silver Bracelet** "Fully Love" Color: light gray Origin: Canada Hardness: 6 Material: natural sea agate, moonstone, sea sapphire, pink chalcedony, wood fossil, blue line stone, morganite, 925 sterling silver (International Standard Grade 925) The diameter of the crystal beads is: Sea Agate - 14mm Moonstone - 12.5mm Aquamarine - 10mm Pink Chalcedony - 10mm Wood Fossil - 13.5mm Blue line stone - 8mm Morgan Stone - 10mm (The spar is polished by hand, with a difference of +/- 0.2) ***All the products are made of natural spar and ore, which is guaranteed to be 100% natural goods; if there is a holiday, it can be paid at a discount** **agate** **Aqate** Due to its extremely high frequency fluctuations, agate's powerful energy can defend against all evils and invasions, and its ability to protect itself is extremely high. Since ancient times, it has been used as an energy stone to eliminate disasters and drive away evil spirits, and to protect them. Individuals are protected from negative energy. In addition, its energy can improve insomnia, stability, balance body function, enhance the ability of cell tissue regeneration, and eliminate negative energy and disease, and effectively improve health. This energy stone can improve the level of operation of all chakras, and it can bring a balance of body and mind, enhance independence, eliminate fear and anxiety, and stimulate determination and advancement. **Moonstone** **Moonstone** Moonstone is produced in India, and as its name implies, it has a close relationship with the moon. The light formed by the shadow of the shadow changes with the moon's profit and loss, so it is called "moonstone." Moonstone has been used as a healing stone since ancient times and is full of "mysterious" energy. In medieval Europe, lovers will present moonstones to each other. It can predict the dangers in the journey and resolve them in time, giving the owner the power to predict the future; so in Europe, it is also called the "stone of lovers". . The moon symbolizes the feminine side of the woman, the master's feelings. When you have troubles and make your emotions uneasy, take the moonstone around you to calm your feelings and emotions. Moonstone can enhance the intuition, enrich the sensory surface, and also promote the inner growth; it can also activate the metabolism, and can play a healing effect. In addition, moonstone can also eliminate stress and improve the role of obesity and hysteria. **Hailanbao** **Aquamarine** Aquamarine is a gentle gem like seawater, also known as seawater sapphire; the sea is the source of all life, and the sea blue treasure also symbolizes a carefree life. In ancient Rome, there was a legend that "the treasures of the elves in the sea were hit ashore and turned into gems"; the blue sapphire was particularly bright at night, so it was considered "when it was caught in the darkness of life, it could bring hopeful light" and used it as a talisman. Use, and can protect the navigation of life. Aquamarine is mostly light blue, with dark blue, rich in trace elements. Since ancient times, this gem has also been promoted for creativity, towards an independent lifestyle, giving rational action and improving the effectiveness of expressiveness. Aquamarine can calm emotions such as anxiety, anger and fear, allowing you to maintain a calm judgment and bring new thinking. In addition, this gem can improve communication skills, make language expression smoother, and express self-emotion. This energy stone can also inhibit rhinitis, treat sore throat, reduce fever, lower blood pressure, soothe mood, and also have the effect of purifying blood. The light blue energy stone has the performance of the corresponding throat, which can improve your expressive ability and activate communication skills, and can stabilize your emotions, relieve anxiety and make your body and mind full of motivation. The aquamarine presents a soft, blue aesthetic that gives a feeling of tranquility, joy and freshness. **Pink chalcedony** **Pink Chalcedony** Pink chalcedony is a kind of pink, soft chalcedony. It was used as a gemstone ornament on emboss in ancient Greece and Rome. It is a rare and rare gem. The softness and translucent pink crystal of this energy stone make people feel calm and peace of mind. The pink chalcedony has the effect of corresponding top wheel, which can enhance the function of spirituality, intuition and judgment; and can eliminate fear and anxiety. Negative emotions of fear and depression, eliminating unnecessary memory and burdens, calming the mind and restoring a fresh space of thought. In addition, it can ease the tension of interpersonal relationships, relax the individual's body and mind, enable people to behave in a decent manner, and know how to advance and retreat in a timely manner, so as to establish a good interpersonal relationship. **Wood fossil** **Petrified Wood** Recombination and healing ability, enhance the body's energy, full of energy, full of vitality, accelerate the growth of muscles and bones, and more to treat the digestive system, edema and obesity. **Blue line stone** **Dumortierite Quartz** The quality blue line stone is produced in Brazil, the quality is relatively small, and the price is also high. The blue line stone has a bright color, and the inside of the crystal is sensational. The blue line stone has the effect of restoring the calmness of the heart, adjusting the balance of body and mind, and filtering the negative information on the mind. Integrating intuition, reconciling rationality and sensibility, can lead the consciousness to a higher level. Blue Line Stone can also eliminate past obstinacy, relieve inner depression, and calm our soul and emotional confusion, and remove excess delusions and distractions. In addition, the blue line stone corresponds to the human throat wheel and the eyebrow wheel, can develop the third eye, reconcile the body and the energy of the ether body, can be upgraded to a higher spiritual level, and can activate the endocrine function of the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, gonads and the like. System, improve metabolism, and can eliminate physical and mental fatigue and promote vitality. Morgan Stone Morganite Morgan Stone is a super-colored spar; this gem belongs to the same emerald family as emerald and aquamarine, and is regarded as a spar symbolizing love, beauty and purity. The name of the Morgan Stone originates from the gemstone hobbyist JPMorgan. Morgan Stone can teach people the heart and wisdom of others, and also cultivate keen intuition and insightful gems. When there is no determination, indecision, easy to swear, or a negative mood, you can also get salvation from the power of Morgan Stone and regain the courage to face things firmly. In addition, if you use Morgan Stone when you are in a state of anxiety, you can comfort your emotions, bring calm, and feel balanced. Because it absorbs stress, puts people into a stable state, and can suppress anger, nervousness, and excessive sorghum, can eliminate the sense of uneasiness. In addition, Morgan Stone can contact the feelings of the partners, so that the two sides can stabilize, and can stimulate our potential charm, enhance self-confidence, and stimulate the secretion of female hormones, have the role of activating cells, and can help improve femininity, A gentle wave of energy changes can awaken the deep love of the heart. Morgan Stone also has the function of improving heart and lung discomfort, and can maintain the balance of the central nervous system. It also has a mitigating effect on heart disease patients with high blood pressure and asthma. The energy stone of Morgan Stone is the corresponding heart wheel, its energy can balance the role of the endocrine system and activate the cells; it can enhance the charm of women and enhance the practice of love. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ **<Measurement method>** - Please use a soft ruler to wear a bracelet around your wrist. - No need to tighten or reserve space - Gently apply to your hand - Please use centimeters (cm) to measure accurately - Select the required length of the handcuffs when the amount is good - The length chosen is the length of the wrist The designer will reserve space for you. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ **<Bracelet needs to know>** - Most of the photo of the bracelet in the field is customized with 16cm handcuffs. - Hand modeled handcuffs are 14cm So there will be a sense of looseness, please forgive me. - Designers choose the length of the hand to modify the length **The crystal beads or silver ornaments picked up after the modification will not be sent back to you喔** If you want to keep the original design or want to modify it yourself Can order 16cm handcuff length Original design - There are silver bracelets that don’t look like how many beaded balls are picked up. **Modifying a bracelet designer with silver will take the silver jewelry first** Preserving the crystal beads as a premise So friends who are too small (13cm or less) or too big (18cm or more) The modified style may be different from the photo Please contact the designer if you have special requirements. **Otherwise, the designer will modify it without notice.** - Some styles are not suitable for too small (13cm or less) or too large (18cm or more) The handcuffs are too small or too big to design the original style So there is not too little or too much handcuffs on the selection of hand plaques. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ **<Product Maintenance>** - Pay silver cloth and moisture-proof bag - Brushed silver cloth can brighten sterling silver but silver cloth can't be washed with water - Pure silver can not be washed with silver wash water - Put it into a moisture-proof bag when it is not worn, it can be used for anti-oxidation - Take it when taking a bath and sleeping -**sterling silver can not be cleaned with water or salt water** - Please use a crystal cluster or amethyst hole to clean the spar without touching salt or water. - The spar must be purified to maintain the effect of spar energy - If the bracelet is damaged in the future, you can send it back for repair. ***paid return shipping** -**If sterling silver has been soaked in water or salt water** **Not refundable** <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> **<Send Notice>** **Sent to Hong Kong: -** ~ SF Express sent out ~ can be sent to the company, smart cabinet, SF station to pick up ~ Sending home will incur additional charges ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ **There are two ways to send to Taiwan:-** **1/ SF Express: -** ~ If there is no special requirement All are sent by SF Express ~ Can be received from Hong Kong for approximately 2-4 days **In case of holiday** **Will delay the date of receipt** **please wait with patience** ~ Can be sent to home, company, store to shop (7-11, family, Lylefu, OK convenience store) # Please check if the store has a pick-up service first. ~ Please leave the <store code> and <name> of the convenience store **2/ Mailing registration: -** ~ All over the area are selected by mailing registration ~ Can be received from Hong Kong for approximately 5 - 8 working days **In case of holiday** **Will delay the date of receipt** **please wait with patience** ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ **Shipping time to Malaysia:-** 1/ Posting registration: - ~ Can be received from Hong Kong for approximately 7-10 working days **In case of holiday** **Holidays will delay the date of receipt** **please wait with patience** ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ **Other countries mailing time: -** - Please contact the designer to calculate the time OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Founded in 2002, crystalplus has always been based on nature, paying attention to natural materials, carefully studying the characteristics of spar, and designing different accessories through the attitude of “finding, discovering, balancing and coordinating”, breaking through the usual customary design forms and techniques. And with the original different styles, incorporating the changes in modern life, convey a deeper level of design concepts. Our gemstone designer aqua has been working with spar for a long time, often exploring different spar interaction characteristics, and using different colors, changes in spar properties, and then matching each other; Science, science and aesthetics combine to create a layered and richly designed design, and with the skill of craftsmanship, create a new design of jewelry.


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