Red Italian cowhide card set

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The selection of self-original cowhide, cowhide pressed crocodile pattern flowers (each is different, because the pressure is not the same position), high-quality cowhide is rich in texture.



Red Italian cowhide card set

商品説明 Have you ever dreamed of fulfilling your dreams? "Dreams are dreams, and the magic we have in life comes within our dreams." "Dream is the embodiment of dreams, and the magic in our lives stems from our dreams." COCO is an illustrator. When I first started this job, I was full of enthusiasm and creativity! Gradually, she was told that the job needed to constantly cater to other people's ideas. When she was tired of life and disappointment, God arranged a wonderful trip for her, learning courage, gratitude, conviction, acceptance and adaptation, and learning to realize her dreams. magic… ... The beginning of your dreams must bring your courage. Brands like to use some natural materials, especially some of the more symmetrical leather. It can show the complex temperament of women, and it also shows that the true beauty of women is a combination of external and internal. We want to attract women who love life and are strong and independent. They all have dreams and don't give up easily. We insist on using the best raw materials. The main series of "hand-painted python leather" are hand-painted by dozens of complicated processes such as hand-selecting, bleaching, polishing and coloring. The whole process takes several weeks. The products of COCOOMOJO are guaranteed to be unique and the production is rare and precious. Cocomojo was born in 2006. As a long-term partner of many of the world's top leather companies, Cocomojo's unique dazzling hand-painted python leather was developed by the brand with the Italian Dolmen SpA, the world's best rare leather center. Dolmen SpA has a long history and extraordinary dyeing and tanning technology, and the leather has always maintained top quality. __Clutch/card cover design__ • Cowhide crocodile pattern (each is different, depending on the position of the pressure) • Selection of self-satisfy cowhide • High quality cowhide is rich in texture • Clutch design can be matched with a variety of clothing • Card cover design is special __Clutch/card cover features__ • Focus on material selection and detail location in the design • unique design • Embellish your style • Add eye-catching visual effects __Clutch/card cover advantages__ • The whole shape is versatile and stylish • Can accommodate a variety of portable things • Match your style • The craftsman's heart can be seen from the details (such as material selection, edge coating, matching, etc.) and accessories on the bag! • Clutch/card cover series: leather embossed series • Storage bag material: cowhide • Clutch bag color: gold, black, pink • Card cover color: gold, black, red, blue, pink • Applicable occasions: leisurely matching • Clutch size (length x width x height): 34 x 2 x 24 cm • Card sleeve size (length x width x height): 10 x 0.6 x 8 cm • REMARK: 37377 / 13111 __WENDY MAK Brand Designer__ My passion for leather stems from my 14th birthday. On that day, my father gave me a delicate red leather python small leather bag that he made by hand. It was the first handbag in my life, which made me fascinated by my pocket. In the family, anyone can make beautiful leather ornaments, first of all, my great-grandfather started building a family business more than a hundred years ago. The handbag is inspired by your own ideas and the stories of others. Every time I hear someone else's story, I try to make what I do more meaningful. Carrying the passion and honor of the family, I want to turn my dream into reality in a different way. I hope that I can combine art and magic to create my own brand COCOMOJO. I know that from the moment I was born to this world, I was born for my dreams. __TIPS__ For friends from Hong Kong and Macau, if your pick-up address is for non-commercial or remote areas, SF Express will charge HK$30 per package! (Free shipping does not include this extra fee), thank you! Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade


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