Kiss Bathing newborn gift box

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Contents ❶Marshmallow functional towel 1 ❷Marshmallow small towel 1 ❸Gentle and quick-drying universal environmental towel 1 (random color) ❹ 2 handmade soaps (wormwood safe soap, sweet orange calendula soothing soap, sweet almond fresh grading soap / 3 o


Nature Me

Kiss Bathing newborn gift box


Cultural and Creative Brands ♥ Nature Me & Kathy's handmade ❙❚ Product description❙❚ **Marshmallow functional towel**1 piece **Marshmallow small hand towel**1 piece **Gentle and quick-drying universal environmental towel**1 (random color) **Handmade Soap**2 pcs (Mugwort Safe Soap, Sweet Orange Calendula Soothing Soap, Sweet Almond Fresh Grading Soap / 3 out of 2) ❙❚ Product Features ❙❚ 【Nature Me】 ✔️ Safe after passing SGS inspection The bamboo charcoal fiber "Marshmallow Series" has an incredible gentle texture that adults and children will love when they touch it, and they will love it regardless of their age. The "gentle and quick-drying universal eco-friendly towel" uses environmentally-friendly technology raw materials. It is recycled, washed, and then made into a super absorbent that is 7 times stronger than ordinary towels. The process of remodeling greatly reduces the source of environmental pollution. [Kathy's handmade soap] Wormwood safe soap ▪️ Ingredients: Coconut oil / Palm oil / Olive oil / Sweet almond oil / Ping An powder (citronella, wormwood, trowel, hibiscus) / sodium hydroxide / essential oil ▪️Suitable for: Normal / Oil / Dry Skin ▪️ Introduction: "Mugwort" will always be the favorite of the elders in the family. It is said that it can drive away evil and avoid evil, and also keep the child safe and peaceful. With this handmade soap, there is no need to use special Zhang Luo materials to take a bath for the baby, and wash it every day. Adding herbal formulas such as wormwood powder, citronella powder, wipe grass powder, and hibiscus powder, as well as wormwood oil and citronella oil, can not only drive away insects and evil spirits, but also soothe the mind and body and relax. 橙 Sweet Orange Calendula Soothing Soap ▪️ Ingredients: Coconut oil / Palm oil / Calendula oil soaked in olive oil / Apricot kernel oil / Shea butter / Calendula powder / Calendula officinalis / Mica powder / Fresh milk / Sodium hydroxide / Essential oil ▪️ For: Normal / Dry Skin ▪️ Introduction: Calendula soaked in olive oil is its main natural component. Its mild and refreshing texture is suitable for all skin types and seasons. It is added with more natural fruity aroma essential oils such as sweet orange essential oil and chilli pepper essential oil. It is also a fragrant fragrance for all ages. , So that the newborn feel warm and comfortable sweet care. 🅲 Sweet Almond Fresh Grading Soap ▪️ Ingredients: Coconut oil / Palm oil / Sweet almond oil / Cosmetics and color powder ▪️Suitable for: Normal / Dry / Oily Skin ▪️ Introduction: Using the mildest and non-irritating sweet almond oil, the delicate baby skin has no burden, and it is refreshing and not dry after washing. This handmade soap has no added essential oils and retains the purest and natural moisturizing essence of vegetable oils. It is a unique choice for sensitive skin. ✔️ Weight: 100g ± 5g ✔️ Storage method: Please store in a cool and dry place, and keep the soap dish dry after use (soap bag is better) ✔️ Recommended shelf life: The best use period is 18 months after ripening. If there is no oil consumption or yellowing, it can still be used normally after 18 months. ❚❙ Nature Me wants to tell you ❙❚ This combination really makes the newborn's daily bath and baptism warmer and more loving. Because, while taking a bath for the baby, you can tell him that our lifestyle protects the environment and life stories. Because, let the child know that his bath towel and towel are natural and environmentally friendly. It turns out that the water in his bath can be decomposed and coexist with the fish in the sea. What a dreamy picture, little baby even learned to love. In addition to being safe and environmentally friendly and not prone to irritating sensitive skin, Nature Me has prepared this "most loved" gift for you. Let the children participate in the subtle physical education and learn to be friendly to the people, things, things, and environment around them. [From the first birth, used for a lifetime], the environment full of love will be the most precious treasure in this life.


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