Want to fly series _ "flying dream" - small flying mouse modeling stone _ graduation season limited

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Want to fly series _ "flying dream" - small flying mouse modeling stone _ graduation season limited


[With your dream take off]
Another year Phoenix flowers open.
Countless bells echoed in the fleeting, blink of an eye is no longer frivolous ignorance.
Your face is full of greetings to meet the new journey and look forward to,
That bright and dazzling smile, like the youth of the sun.
With a heart to express the heart of thanks, thank you with your life through the important moment of every one of him, to each other the best wishes. Bring a dream, take off, go to the next stage of life.

Flying Series - Flying Dream
We have a dream to fly, fantasy in what way to fly,
Even if there is no wings, but also want to try to leave the ground, take off!
In the designer's skill, the lovely funny shape of the animals are eager to fly the gesture,
Small flying rats trying to stretch the limbs, aiming at the target (from the Division), preparation, fly ~ see me show their talents!
Who can only fly to fly!! Fly! In their own way, fly out of the most beautiful posture.
360-degree three-dimensional stone carving paper town, so that each different angle can show a unique shape and beauty.

{Flight dream dream Chasing my dream}
Aim at the target, practice the dream; prepared to see me show their talents

Product Information |
• Material: composite stone
• Specifications: Item 9.5x7.5x (H) 6.5cm, Packing box 19x15x (H) 11cm
• Weight: Net weight 0.3kg, boxed 0.6kg
★ Global limited edition of 999, each piece of work are signed on the designer and limited number.
★ exquisite gift box packaging, accompanied by poetry card.

Brand adhere to
• Design & Made in TAIWAN
Each piece is a designer sculpture creation, and then by the master stone made of stone, through the stone moist texture, warm touch, the goods show fine lines of texture and hand sculpture texture.
• Exquisite gift box packaging heaven and earth cover type hardcover gift box, regardless of collection or gift, are able to exquisite taste of goods and gifts of mind.
★ If there is demand for gifts, can be attached with silver gray ribbon.

Collection and Precautions
• Daily maintenance Please use electrostatic dust removal paper (brush), light to dust; if you accidentally stained, do not wash, you can use the eraser gently wipe stains.
• Do not strike or rub against it, so as not to break or scratches, and avoid placing it in direct sunlight or moisture.

About CHU, AN Design |
"Chirp" is heard, pure child for the world to send a lovely kiss, lit everything, passing love and hope. "Chu chirp" is like a sweet kiss! "An" represents any one of the people we care about or what we love. CHU, AN Design assembled Taiwan cutting-edge designers and young artists, will live in the innocent, sweet memories, turned into a simple rounded shape, creating a series of Wenchuang gifts and life furnishings.

When we both hands on the works at the same time, want to pass the temperature of the palm, but also warm the world.

Origin / manufacturing method


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