Elegant long drop necklace lapis lazuli

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Elegant long drop necklace lapis lazuli


The elegant elongated teardrop-shaped lapis lazuli, a deep navy blue and little bit of gold, very lining skin color is also very good with a necklace clothes :)
Note chain body is made of 14k gold, low sensitivity, can wear the bath.


:: goods have six months warranty, depending on the state of repair of damage the case may be, only the basic burden of return shipping.
:: ordered to accept the hand around, material, please private hearing to discuss
:: Free Silver maintenance services shall be borne shipping back and forth.
:: every single natural stone has a different texture, resulting in cut sizes vary slightly, moonstones and labradorite black spots, ice crack, cotton is a normal phenomenon, so each photo can not be completely consistent with the actual product, please accept again order!

:: precious finite natural stone, some limited edition models, if necessary, additional private information, please ask

Maintenance methods :: ::

::Sterling silver::
1. Surface oxidation slight, so when a new glossy like silver, silver polishing cloth may be used.
2. Beads chain or the like is difficult to completely wipe the silver cloth wipe clean, can be used a little toothpaste old toothbrush dipped gently brush then rinse with water.
3. The above two methods are not applicable to private information, please us, we will teach you to back maintenance or otherwise.

1. Brass darker color itself, but also easily oxidized, can be recovered if desired brass glossy feeling can be wiped with a towel dampened with copper or cotton oil.
2. If only a small stain black spots may be used if silver polishing cloth!

US 14k gold-:: ::
1.BOHO BELLE all gold-use goods are imported 14k gold-American, non-ordinary domestic or Chinese-made package of 24k gold, the color can be stored very long time, it maintained the same way as sterling silver!

::Natural stone::
1. Natural stone, crystal, pearls can gently wipe wet cotton pad.
2. Natural stone, crystal, etc. Please try not Zhongshuai, in order to avoid fragmentation of the internal situation generated stone.

Remember :: ::
1. All jewelry (particularly silver commodity) Please absolutely do not bring to a spa after spa area please try to put off the zipper seal bags, jewelry sulfur is the biggest killer!
2. silver, brass, gold-14K U.S., natural stone, crystal Jieke touch with water, bathe, but try to avoid contact with chemicals.
3. Good material to carry around with jewelry usually best to maintain the luster off to make sure revenue zipper bags to avoid contact with air easily oxidized.
Origin / manufacturing methods
made in taiwan


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