Out of stock 【Intoxicate Tea 12 Into】 HANFANG TEA DRINKING & SUPPORT SERIES - Suanzaoren Longan Dry 100% Natural Chinese herbal tea without herbal flavor - LeMong set - New Year gifts.


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    3g x 12
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    Carefully selected Chinese herbalist ingredients, to create a new health tea in line with modern lifestyles, just 5 minu
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    Buy a box of Chinese tea gift box, give important to him / her
    **"Simple Life, Self-Care"**Always want to be able to make everything simple, physical and skin are the same, make the best choice for yourself.


    In a busy generation
    Have you ever thought of a simple advocate of natural body care
    Also can make the body and skin achieve good condition?
    Le wood set heritage ancestors beautiful things
    **Carefully selected Chinese herbalist ingredients to create a new life in line with modern habits health tea**
    Combined with modern human design to provide "true" taste
    Will pass on a better life to every life-oriented quality of life home
    **Advocate | health | care | simple life**


    ▎ help sleep tea
    - Name: Le Musical 365 drinking to drink "help sleep"
    - Ingredients: 100% Suanzaoren, dried longan
    - Taste: sour taste
    - no traditional Chinese medicine: ▲▲▲▲ △
    ☞ suitable for long-term insomnia and poor sleep quality friends after dinner drink
    - Weight: 3g + -5%
    - Origin: Taiwan
    - Packaging method: Food grade foil bag sealed package, plus Japanese Masha paper and cotton paper bronzing fonts.
    - Shelf life: unopened three years; do not add preservatives, please drink as soon as possible after opening, to avoid damp.
    - Storage: Store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
    - Peace of mind statement: each of the quality of raw materials are in line with the national Ministry of Health and Welfare food management practices norms, nutrition labeling are all complete SGS inspection report for consumers to check, please feel free to drink.


    The elegant and fragrant Suan Zuoren helps to fall asleep, as well as the elegant sweet longan that helps maintain physical strength.
    Rich in betulinic acid, oleanders, pentacyclic triterpenoids, so that you have the calm of the night, spirited all day long.


    传 We inherit__ancestors Zong wisdom - Chinese herbal medicine diet__Let the Chinese herbal medicine readily handy tea bags
    **Good daily conditioning to start from drinking health tea**

    Pass the humanistic attitude to life
    The first tea theme, for the modern body care, to create six kinds of protection theme
    For different skin and physical condition
    You / You can drink this 6 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine to regulate beauty
    **Night Cat Tea**|**sleep tea**|**slender tea**|**Liang Yan tea****spirit tea**|**bright tea**


    Expect 365 days, every day can simply drink a cup will be able to protect their own goodwill named "*Le Meridien Set 365 drink*
    __Let busy office workers feel the beautiful changes brought by traditional Chinese medicine, with a simple way to drink close to everyday life.__

    Feel relieved and careful at every step
    *In addition to taste, we care more about your health*
    ☑ 100% all natural Chinese herbal medicines: no preservatives, no added concentration, no sugar, low calorie.
    ☑ real material: Chinese herbal medicine grind so that consumers can drink in the tea bag can see Chinese herbal medicines.
    ☑ made in Taiwan, the quality of strict selection, each of the quality of raw materials are in line with the National Health Welfare Department of Food Management practices norms, nutrition labeling Jieyou Jie SGS inspection report for consumers to check.
    ☑ carefully selected high-quality foil bag, unopened do not worry about storage.
    ☑ This product has been insured 10 million Nanshan liability insurance, please feel free to drink.
    Six-day trip group
    Original 349 ➜**Limited and purchase price 299**
    **~ Buy a product only purchase plus a travel group ~**
    ➜ Add purchase link: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/u4QngrSC?category=10


    Help sleep tea drinking instructions
    ✔️ Suitable for long-term insomnia and poor sleep quality friends after dinner drink.
    ⚠ ️ kidney disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal sensitivity, not suitable for drinking.
    ⚠️ Pregnant women and lactating, not suitable for drinking.
    ⚠️ Physiological period is not suitable for drinking, physiological period after a week for drinking.

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Out of stock 【Intoxicate Tea 12 Into】 HANFANG TEA DRINKING & SUPPORT SERIES - Suanzaoren Longan Dry 100% Natural Chinese herbal tea without herbal flavor - LeMong set - New Year gifts.

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