Sodalite Lovers Bracelet Precious Stones 6mm 10mm 1 Pair Set Free Gift Wrap

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Featuring on dreams come true inspired Sodalite charm lover bracelets. A perfect gift for yourself and beloved one.


Sodalite Lovers Bracelet Precious Stones 6mm 10mm 1 Pair Set Free Gift Wrap


**[Soda Stone Lovers Bracelet] Beads Precious Stones 6mm+10mm 1 Pair Set│A-class Natural Silk│Exquisite Gift Box** *JOYSTONE May All Dreams Come True Natural Stone Collection* This lovers set bracelets feature Soda Stone beads precious stones, which are chosen to be comfortable to wear for day to day, for work place elegance, or glamorous gemstone fashion. °★*Timeless and trendy, help you show off your personal style This Beads Precious Natural Stones Lovers bracelets collection offers a wide variety of colors, such as red, yellow, black, white, blue, green and purple. If indeed the stones heal, each stone does have its believed power. Here are the gifts are perfect for yourself and/or someone special. It's always nice to wear natural stone bracelets. Shop the Dreams Come True bracelets for yourself and/or those close to you. *Stone Meanings* *Soda Stone* initiates wisdom and brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks. ★*A-class Natural silk from Japan for bracelet chain is comfortable, convenient and easy for daily wear.* ✎Bracelet Wearing Tip:▼▼Unlock the Spacer Bead▼▼ from beaded bracelet, then you will find the maximum wrist of beaded bracelet can be reduced. Product Name   [Soda Stone Lovers Bracelet] Beads Precious Stones 6mm+10mm 1 Pair Set│A-class Natural Silk│Exquisite Gift Box (JOYSTONE May All Dreams Come True Natural Stone Collection) Material      Main Stone: Soda Stone bead; Spacer Bead: Alloy (random Pattern to be delivered); Bracelet chain: A-class Natural Silk Pendant Color   Blue-White Size (±2mm)   10mm beaded for men, 6mm beaded for women; Fitting for maximum wrist 13cm~16cm. Custom-made bracelets up to 18cm of wrist at no additional cost. Premium     Exquisite Gift Box, Package Including: 1 pair beaded bracelet (including two bracelets in as the picture shown) Design in/Made in Taiwan 1. Apply with a soft cloth and wipe off dirt with a soft cleaning cloth for general cleaning. After not wearing them, always return them to your place of storage. 2. Do NOT wear them while in a sauna or other humid location, means that it may be worn. **NOTES TO REMIND YOU** 1.★Due to the nature of the computer display, the actual colors may look different. 2.Some of the natural stones may have natural irregular cracks. 6mm Beads Gem Bracelets * (6mm Amethyst)* * (6mm White Agate)* * (6mm Obsidian)* * (6mm Red Agate)* * (6mm Aventurine)* * (6mm Sodalite)* * (6mm Topaz)* * (6mm Rose Quartz)* * (6mm Precious Stones Options│Gift-Box)* 10 Beads Gem Bracelets * (10mm Amethyst)* * (10mm Precious Stones Options)* 6mm+10mm Lovers Gemstone Beads Bracelets * (Option Rose Quartz Sodalite Topaz Red-Agate Aventurine Obsidian White-Agate Amethyst)* The design sources for *JOYSTONE Natural Stone Bracelet Collection* focusing on simplicity and natural materials, such as sterling silver, fine copper and crude wood, sparkling precious stones pendant, dazzling in its simplicity, that express a sense of simplicity and character of each. This collection includes: Health Bracelet, Wealth Bracelet, In Love Bracelet, Eternal Love Bracelet, Blessing Bracelet, Happiness Bracelet, Lucky You Bracelet, May All Dreams Come True, Birthstone Bracelet and so on.