Green water trapezoidal air feeling pleated bag leather leather to turn the surface for color green grass green + gray

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Green water trapezoidal air feeling pleated bag leather leather to turn the surface for color green grass green + gray


Two kinds of mood,
Bright and calm,
And exist on the same stage,
The charm of conflict.

This should be the second time I put the sleeves of the fabric used to do the package,
Sometimes sleep decorated will appear very nice large area pattern,
As long as carefully selected,
In fact, quite suitable for use in bags.
And feels very, very comfortable.

Green and gray is a very fashionable combination,
In the color of the flip to pick a more calm lime green,
Is a marble texture of the washed cotton,
In the canvas which is rare in the green.

Do not have to be the same color with the bag to take,
Grasp the principle of playing color can also wear quite well.

Mention is gray litchi pattern leather,
The above line is also used in Japan COSMO embroidery line to the car Oh,
Gloss is very elegant, the leather set off a beautiful.

Please remember that the strap must be removed first!
Out more difficult to take, put into the better installed.
There is a spring inside,
Move the strap away to expose the spring opening and push it with your finger.
Do not need to win the Golden Circle.

Internal look please refer to this,
Especially made a very engaged in the hidden pocket,
So as not to catch the pleat to become obedient.

Pocket with invisible magnetic buckle,
It is easy to open and close Oh!

Trapezoidal package convenience and design focus is:
Both sides of the fillet so that no matter how the equipment is still very thin bag,
There is no bulky feeling.
There are guests told me that the umbrella and kettle stuffed in the corner on both sides,
Because the folds have the effect of barrier coating,
The kettle will not fall, the umbrella will not run around.

Surrounded by several friends have joined the ladder bag love with the ranks,
Sometimes meet when they look through the things,
Really are a lot,
Kettle, umbrella, cosmetic bag, long clip, folder, tablet,
Zero total but the appearance looks really think they did not bring anything,
This is what Nana wants to give the design,
Even with a lot of things still maintain the elegant and beautiful.

Taiwan canvas
Taiwan Hardware
Pocket with invisible magnetic buckle

Flat measurement
Width 43-46cm
(Behind the back will be narrowed)
Height 31-34cm
Put the length of 45cm (bag body above began to calculate)
Can put A4
Origin / manufacturing method
Na do I do


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