March ・ Assortment of a kind of cafe ・ Valentine's Day Dyed Shoulder Bag

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This year's White Valentine's Day, Pinkoi Pinpin Academy specially invites a kind of café to lead you to use the dyeing to shape your lover's appearance and create a unique Valentine's Day gift. With the temperature of the hand-made, draw c
2020/3/07 (土)
活動日 1 天前需付款完成
台湾 / 台北市
台北市中正區襄陽路 1 號 6 樓
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March ・ Assortment of a kind of cafe ・ Valentine's Day Dyed Shoulder Bag


"Love is not like painting" Honey, do you know that Valentine's Day is coming? The person who always occupies your mind and head (and cell phone photo album), I believe that you must remember his / her face deeply in your head. This year ’s White Valentine ’s Day,**Pinkoi Pinpin Academy**specially invites**a kind of café**to lead you to use the dyeing to spell out the look of your lover and create a unique Valentine ’s Day gift. Temperature, draw closer to each other's heart, close to the distance with your lover. Through the method of printing and dyeing, piece by piece to form the look of the heart, maybe you will find that you are the most interesting and unique real look in the eyes of the other person. **| Process Overview |** ・ Observe your lover's appearance ・ Draw the outline of the opponent quickly on the slide ・ Cut each part of the face and draw various shapes drawn on the slide ・ Dyeing and dyeing method demonstration ・ Practice implementation **Pinkoi Pinpin Academy Cooperative Brand | 什物 a kind of café** A kind of café 2012 Opened a store in Anhe, Xinyi, Taipei, selling desserts and groceries for regular meals. With the warmth of a coffee shop, people gather together comfortably; cafe is not only a cup of coffee, but Time and space, like Sharon, allow people to relax and exchange space and time. In 2015, we opened studios in the same neighborhood and held seasonal canteens, dyed fabric workshops, themed selection fairs, and cooking courses. We hope that this pleasant time will become a habit through the various activities carried out by the dining table. " From habbit to happiness "is an exercise in pursuit of constant happiness. **Pinkoi Pinpin Academy Event Venue | Pinkoi Space** Pinpin Academy has created a new event-only venue, allowing pin friends to shape their memories together with designers in Pinkoi's dreamy atmosphere. **Pinkoi Pinpin Academy refreshment brand | SongYi Tea** There is no deep and touching origin story, only one hundred years of tea. Beginning in 1898, the great-grandfather planted dozens of winter tea in Nantou, silently accumulated deep emotions and experience of tea, and deep local connections; so, the second generation not only grew tea, but also operated tea wholesale. , Specializing in searching, collecting and selling tea, the third generation took over in 1983, bought a tea plantation in Alishan, continued to grow, search, collect, and sell tea, and opened a high-end oolong tea shop in Taipei , An old bank that continues to operate tea wholesale and refined retail. Tea shops occasionally have rest days, and many patrons say, "If I do n’t open, I do n’t know where to drink tea or buy tea." Wherever you go, there is good tea to drink. In 2016, Songyi Tea was established by the fourth generation. Not only continue to grow tea, find tea, collect tea, sell tea, but also sell Taiwan's good tea to Taiwan and around the world. ▶ Event Information ・ Date: 3/7/2020 (Sat) 14: 30-17: 30 ・ Number of persons: 18 ・ Contains: hand-painted, small cross-body bag (size: width 27 x height 22.5 x bag up to 45cm), paint and writing utensils **Students should bring their own portrait photos** ・ Location: 6F, No. 1, Xiangyang Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City ・ Access: Take the MRT to Exit 4 of National Taiwan University Hospital Station and walk for 1 minute ▶ Ticket purchase notice ・ Ticket description . Single ticket NT $ 1480 . 10% off for two or more (NT $ 1,332 per person) ・ Ticket purchase instructions . For groups of less than 10 people, please click "Single Ticket" directly and then adjust the "Quantity" you want to purchase. The system will automatically calculate 10% off for more than two people . For groups of 10 or more, please click "Contact Designer" directly, we will open another order page **・ After the ticket purchase is successful, you will receive an e-ticket notification and will not send a physical ticket. On the day of the event, please enter the venue after presenting the electronic ticket at the registration desk.**