Season limited spray | spring and summer | chamomile soothing essential oil perfume spray |

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Seasonal Spray - Spring and Summer Chamomile Soothing Essential Oil Eau De Parfum Spray Limited ☀️ Capacity: 10ml ☀️ ingredients: compound essential oil, 75% antibacterial alcohol ☀️Full formula: Roman chamomile, rose grass, real lavender, rose geranium,


Season limited spray | spring and summer | chamomile soothing essential oil perfume spray |


Banana Island Candles Season Spray - Spring and Summer Chamomile Soothing Essential Oil Eau De Parfum Spray ☀️ Seasonal Spray Set: Seasonal Spray + No.2 Half-day Zen Tea Candle ☀️ Capacity: 10ml ☀️ ingredients: compound essential oil, 75% antibacterial alcohol ☀️Full formula: Roman chamomile, rose grass, real lavender, rose geranium, frankincense, bergamot, benzoin, fir, orange blossom, happy sage Spring and summer The mood was impatient but accompanied by a lingering sense of stagnation, dragging on the originally expected good itinerary. At the turn of the spring and summer, the temperature is rising, and the humidity brought by the rainy season makes it difficult for the air to flow. This is also the season of dermatitis and cystitis. It is also anxious but lacking in energy. 👉🏻 [About formula - protagonal chamomile] In spring and summer, the leaves grow longer and the mosquitoes grow more and more often cause people to get the lesions. Soothing and antibacterial will be the key items of aromatherapy essential oils. The ancient Egyptians sacrificed chamomile to the sun. Because chamomile can cure fever, due to its cool effect, it is said to be "the herb of the moon." In addition, chamomile has excellent anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties, and is accompanied by a powerful soothing function. Relieve anxiety, nervousness, anger and fear, making people feel patience and feel peaceful. This recipe is based on chamomile, with the soothing scent of real lavender, the peace of benzoin, the serenity of the frankincense, and the clarity of the sage and the vitality of the bergamot. Suitable for day and night, any moment that needs to be comforted. 🚩 Since this product is made with the season, it will be adjusted with the annual solar terms. For limited products, it is not sold out. Q & A 👉🏻 [ Seasonal Spray - What is Spring and Summer? ] As the season changes, there will always be fluctuations in the body and mind due to the season. Banana Island Candles adheres to the concept of adapting to nature, adapting to nature, accepting different self, and seasonally launching a spray suitable for each season, helping us to keep up with the rhythm of the universe. 👉🏻 [What is the difference between a seasonal spray and an aromatic spray or perfume? ] The birth of this product is mainly for the emergency treatment of consumers who do not have time to light a candle and want to help sleep, and often want to change the pillowcase but have no time to change. Use 75% antibacterial alcohol as a solvent for essential oils. Since 75% alcohol can dissolve essential oils, it is currently the safest and most harmless choice for volatile organic solvents, and the proper concentration of alcohol has a bactericidal effect. For us, in addition to healing, the effect of a little sterilization, peace of mind and win win, I am very satisfied. In fact, alcohol + essential oils are the ingredients of pure modern natural perfumes! But most of the perfumes on the market may be based on the retention rate, more or less added to the deodorant or to reduce the taste of alcohol to use other solvents. To extend the scent of the stay! We do not refer to this product as a perfume because we are more focused on the peace of mind at home. Whether it is the formulation of essential oils and the choice of ingredients, it is a priority for healing and peace of mind, not including any xylene. Formaldehyde, phthalates, scenting agents, flavors. * Modern perfume, the first bottle of perfume based on "alcohol". It was the Queen of Hungary, Elizabeth, who asked the monks to make it for her, and was called the Hungarian Water by the world. It is based on rosemary, thyme and lavender. * Spraying method, the volatile nature of alcohol, the taste of alcohol does not affect the taste attached to the pillow or fabric, and the original odor can be taken away by the volatilization of alcohol! 👉🏻 [Why is the color of the spray turbid? ] Subverting the imagination of most people, there is no absolute relationship between clarity and quality. The turbidity is derived from the solubility of essential oils. To create a clear and clear spray, the concentration of alcohol is often higher than 80%. Although it is visually more important, when the alcohol concentration exceeds 80%, the bactericidal ability of alcohol is There is not much left, so we still use 75% alcohol as the base. Insist on maintaining the original intention, in addition to achieving the desired results, we hope that we can achieve the transmission of knowledge through the doubts of everyone. ________________________________________________ Finally, from the Banana Island, the knowledge sharing: #香蕉志 Regarding the warning light of the volatile solvent, everyone should open your eyes! Volatile organic solvents are ubiquitous in our daily necessities, from perfumes, lotions, to home fragrances, cleanliness... While enjoying the home life, you can't help but know the potential crisis!! Among the compounds, xylene, formaldehyde, and phthalate (scenting agent) have the greatest impact on the human body. In the long-term exposure of the above organic substances, there may be cumulative health hazards, such as the most famous carcinogens are often associated with xylene and formaldehyde, the longest mention of the fetal reproductive system crisis is Dingxiang Agent. But we are in a world that is inherently poisonous (mistakes!!) We are actually not so easily poisoned. As long as you don't want to "long-term exposure" to these things, girls should be especially careful during pregnancy, and the baby should be more careful about these principles, and do more careful screening on the products used every day. "Don't use perfume as a home fragrance every day." Use, use insecticide as a relief agent..., there is no big problem! Keywords: xylene, formaldehyde, phthalates, fixatives #香蕉志 Why can alcohol be sterilized? The most important thing is the use of alcohol to cause protein denaturation, leading to the death of bacteria or viruses. Many people think that the higher the alcohol concentration, the better the disinfection effect, which is actually "wrong." High-concentration alcohol (95% alcohol) can quickly coagulate proteins on the surface of bacteria, but only in the outer layer. For some bacteria, the interior of the bacteria is still active, so killing is equal to no killing. Scientists have confirmed that 75% of alcohol can combine protein coagulation and penetration to achieve complete sterilization. However, if there is 95% alcohol on hand, the self-diluting concentration to 70-78% can achieve the effect of 99% sterilization. It is not necessary to dilute to a very accurate level to have a bactericidal effect. Application with 75% alcohol disinfection? 75% alcohol is suitable for disinfecting "complete wounds without skin" skin. For example, before taking a shot in a hospital clinic, the nurse always uses a cotton ball to pick up 75% alcohol to wipe the affected area. However, for skin with wounds, please do not use 75% alcohol disinfection. On the one hand, 75% alcohol will cause strong tingling, and secondly it will affect the healing of the wound. It is recommended to use iodine disinfection. Home cleaning, alcohol can kill tuberculosis, but the speed of sterilization is fast and convenient, it is very suitable for use as a basic cleaning weekdays! But if you want to kill the virus, the most commonly heard is the enterovirus, alcohol has no effect! If you have children who get enterovirus, this time you have to choose bleach to use! supplement: * Alcohol: It has a bactericidal effect on tuberculosis, but there is no significant disinfection effect on the virus. * Bleach: It can kill bacteria, viruses and tuberculosis. In the hospital blood disinfection, the diluted bleaching solution is also designated for disinfection, which has an effective disinfecting function for hepatitis and AIDS virus. According to the Intestinal Virus Control Method of the Department of Disease Control, the enterovirus that people are particularly worried about, because the virus itself is resistant to acidic substances and many chemical drugs, cleaning disinfectants and alcohol can not effectively kill enterovirus. It is recommended that alcohol be used as a household disinfection and dry cleaning hand on weekdays. It is better to wipe the home floor and common appliances with disinfectant water every week.


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