<Slow temperature natural stone series> C1008 Dongling jade obsidian bracelet

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● Material: Dongling jade, obsidian, Japan Royal car electroplating beads


&lt;Slow temperature natural stone series&gt; C1008 Dongling jade obsidian bracelet


https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/13/0d/40/130d4001958b590ba8a6e9d37ff3761b.jpg The jewelry you wear represents your longing for your texture. Let favorite things crawl hands become an invisible force. - 【Product Name】 C1008 ● Material: Dongling jade, obsidian, Japan Royal car electroplating beads - Dongling jade: The main positive Choi, on behalf of the light of wealth, can gather wealth, escort you elegant, can resolve uneasy emotions, bring positive energy of thought, can make people happy every day gems, but also entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, adventurers, Pioneer's lucky stone. Obsidian: Has a very strong role in the protection of evil, evil town house, improve insomnia, to overcome weakness, can enhance their own aura, to improve headache, brain swelling, nervousness, depression, irritability, is extremely effective amulet, can block out everything Negative energy, but also exclude their negative energy. 【About Crystal】 https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/e6/8c/8b/e68c8b458cb6a52df407c6a5a433d6d0.jpg ● Crystal into a beautiful jewelry without aging is our passion. Slow temperature in the design of crystal bracelet has two major orientations: ▸ beautiful orientation: the use of crystal variety of natural characteristics, with arbitrary creation, a beautiful jewelry. ▸ Functional Orientation: A bracelet with no more than three natural stones, but with a beautiful appearance, is designed so that the crystal bracelet is not too old-fashioned and still retains some strong functionality. → Whether it is for functional wear or pure good-looking wear are very welcome! https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/6f/0c/c0/6f0cc0e6763384bd15a5e9d19fa8657c.jpg ● Crystals are endowed with many different functionalities in science and traditional research due to the rich chemical elements of year-long natural minerals, crystals, silicon dioxide and many more. Slow temperature in the study of crystal on the road, like to read from various sources of information books, and then retrieve the most commonly known effects and implications, and do not like to exaggerate to give a crystal too much functionality. ● The most natural natural light we distribute in crystal corresponds to the seven veins of the human body from Yoga in India. We have professional advice on any incurable diseases of crystal. Of course, of course, you can completely wear it purely because of its beauty! ● Here attached to the human body seven air wheel and the corresponding natural stone simple comparison table, please contact us for details. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/4a/40/80/4a4080fc73f416bd419eccc7cd5881d6.jpg ● slow temperature of the most recommended: Zhaozheng Choi: Green ghost / recruit, partial Choi: titanium crystal / peach popularity: strawberry crystal Ward off evil: obsidian / open wisdom: amethyst / help sleep: white moonlight Improve gynecology: red pomegranate / stable thinking: lapis lazuli / feel good: Tianhe Stone All-round: Tourmaline https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/e1/32/cf/e132cfe730f1e2267f4437ce853cbaab.jpg ● Concerned about the functional friend, remember to periodically demagnetize the crystal, it is recommended to eliminate the magnet at least once a month, touched by people who do not like, wishes come true, out of the dirty places (such as the funeral parlor, hospital, cemetery), touch To sewage and other stolen goods need degaussing. The degaussing purification method is very much, you can check on the Internet, slow temperature is recommended Jingjing purification method, the temple furnace cleaning method. ● The most important point for crystal to play its role is to - believe it completely. Well, the crystal that you have will not let you down. 【size】 ● Please provide the actual hand circumference, if not provided, it will be made in general girl hand circumference (15cm) ● The simplest measure of hand circumference is the length of the line to be rewound around the wrist ● We will according to the actual hand around plus 1.5 ~ 2cm, can also tell you the total length you want ● special size: Hand circumference less than 13 cm (such as making child models) will be reduced by $ 50, higher than 18 cm will be an increase of $ 50 (Less than 11 cm or higher than 19 cm please contact us, another valuation production) https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/e0/56/ab/e056ab73afd5ec941eeca1e2268a8c8d.jpg [Brand value-added services] ● Each bracelet contains a small tag of the brand, a small tag every six months for a free thread change ● If you need to buy without the brand logo, you can not enjoy this service (General change service charges: $ 50 each time, and only their natural stone products) 【Precautions】 ● slow crystal are all natural stone, a small number of artificial spar will also be told to please rest assured ● slow natural beaded bracelet are imported from Japan elastic line, durable ● natural crystal impossible for each batch of raw materials are the same color, crystal, how many will be somewhat different, please understand ● can touch the water, if wearing a bath, will accelerate the rapid oxidation of brass part, you can use toothpaste light rub or silver cloth wipe to remove oxidation restore luster ● Please read the trading policy description, the product is made after payment, 4 to 7 days of delivery, the goods can be repaired ● If there are other urgent requirements of the time can be specified to discuss the next single Oh! ● Please carefully hand circumference, if for their own mistakes lead to the size of the unpaid shipping costs ● special size or special order will not be returned ● In addition to defective products, other reasons, please pay the return shipping costs 【Packing Services】 https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/24/bc/8c/24bc8c7ff74795c67c14776fc721c738.jpg ● crystal goods are crystal bags with slow temperature paper bag careful packaging, in response to environmental protection, slow temperature studio does not take the initiative to provide carton packaging https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/dd/fa/ff/ddfaffb0eb460979fe4a0317e0770a96.jpg ● there is a demand for gifts can increase the purchase of carton packaging, please click the following link plus purchase https://www.pinkoi.com/product/19F295DP?category=8 【other】 ● If there are other custom ideas can write a letter to discuss Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / hand made


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