Three card one coin pocket short clip / red crack [Italian vegetable tanned leather association leather] / spot

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Handmade in Italy, it can be placed in three cards, one banknote and one coin pocket.


Three card one coin pocket short clip / red crack [Italian vegetable tanned leather association leather] / spot

商品説明 [Three cards and a small bag of vegetable tanned leather short clip] Handcrafted in Italian vegetable tanned leather, for the study of wallet thickness and card layer size, the three-card card is a banknote layer and a coin bag design, which is light and thin, and feels comfortable. Focus on the thickness of the leather, not too thick after placing cards, banknotes and change. Dimensions: length 96mm*width 110mm*thickness 23mm Outer layer: Badalassi Art Wax / Papavero Red Inner layer: Badalassi Art Pueblo / Coccinella wine red Suture: Liuhua Ma Line / #09 Red [Introduction to leather] This outer leather is the Art - Wax collection from Badalassi Carlo of the Italian leather factory. The leather surface has a special technique of the leather factory to create a crack texture (without affecting the use and durability), and the visual effect is strong. The inner layer of leather is the Art - Pueblo collection from Badalassi Carlo of the Italian leather factory. The surface of the leather is covered with frosted fine lines, with a retro look and a unique feel, with very vivid details before use. [Leather daily maintenance method] The vegetable tanned leather will have different hand-feeling effects when used by different people. The leather parts are often used to make the leather shine, and the leather is mildewed, that is, the skin is nourished. Badalassi Carlo produces leather which is rich in fat and does not require maintenance in a short period of time. In normal use, pat the dust or brush with a brush. Try to avoid leather stains (tea stains, inks, or other dyes) on weekdays. In severe cases, the stain will remain permanently. After being used for half a year or one year, when you think that you need maintenance, choose animal oil maintenance. Paste oil or leather care cream can be wiped with a small amount of cotton on the cotton cloth. If not used, it should be avoided in a humid environment and covered with a dust jacket. [Italian Vegetable Tannery Association] The association has jointly organized a number of leather factories in Italy. The physical and chemical processes of the skin factories are in compliance with the standards set by the association. The raw materials and manufacturing processes of the leather products are environmentally friendly and humane. The traditional plant enamel formula is mixed. Modern technology, production association standard leather. At the same time, for the organization that owns the trademark "Tuscany vegetable tanned skin", the association's leather is accompanied by a product guarantee card to protect the origin of the product, while ensuring the production process of "skin" and "planting skin" in the association. The natural texture of the member manufacturers when they are produced. * This studio has more than 2,500$ of leather goods shipped with the association certification card. [Precautions before ordering] The leather used in this studio is natural material. The leather itself will have some lines or fine plaques. It is a natural phenomenon of leather itself. It has been reduced in the selection of materials for leather products, but there are still some lines. Can't dodge, not fake. We will ensure the quality of the goods shipped. The color of the products is as close as possible to the color of the product itself. However, the color may also be different depending on the color of the different screens. The above reasons are not damaged or defective. Please consider carefully. Thank you again for buying again to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.


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