Be Own Faith Rebel Mercury American Cotton University

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〖Feel create | intentions of production | pass the good〗 L'appeso inverted people hanging mysterious moon cotton Uni



Be Own Faith Rebel Mercury American Cotton University


〖Feel create | intentions of production | pass the good〗 L'appeso inverted people hanging mysterious moon cotton University T (To protect your rights, please remember to read the following product information Oh!) Astrology says when Mercury begins to retrograde Everything in the world will be confused and out of control Young and strong do not work hard to grow bigger and stronger How external environment is his family's business Your own destiny and life should be in your own hands Worthwhile, silly to do In the people, to silly love Mercury control him retrograde or self-improvement Be your own Mercury! Be your own Mercury! 【L'appeso inverted rebellion Mercury American Cotton University T】 Their own destiny by selling their own **● Product Description:** A product, a variety of surprises! Inverted people want to bring you a great buying experience, different out of the box feel! **● Size Description:** Please refer to the size of the side dimensions table. If you receive the goods found shrimp defects, please contact us as soon as possible, will do for you to replace the shipping service Oh! **● Material Description:** 100% American cotton, pure, natural, high quality. Oriental habitual favorite ring spinning fabric, soft touch good. Asian fashion brand size specifications, wear the most stylish. High-quality soft fabric 27, pre-washing shrink-proof processing, seamless cylinder T. **● wash small caution:** 1. Cotton material recommended hand wash, can extend the life of clothes. 2. Use the washing machine wash the opposite wash the opposite sun. 3. Use the washing machine Please note that there is no other clothing dyeing problem. 4. Do not soak for a long time to avoid fabric damage. **● Supplementary note:** This product is customized orders, will not be able to provide replacement services, please forgive me Real products for reference only for reference, it is recommended to compare the size of the clothes worn after the purchase Have any questions please feel free to contact us and our service team will be happy to answer your doubts :) / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / **"The world is not lack of beauty, but it lacks the eyes to discover beauty." - Master Rodin, sculpture master** The word L'appeso comes from one of the Tarot cards - The Hanged Man The name of the face is a man hanging upside down on the cross Although people down the opposite, the look is very comfortable This card represents a change Flip the angle after looking at the world You will find many things suddenly simple We believe "art" should not just be placed on art museums or museums for people to watch It should be full of this world Daily life There are many things that need not be modified Whether it's an external form, a story's background, or a feeling of exudes Essence is already an "art" But we are too accustomed to neglect Through the design of our life attitude transmission in the community Let everyday wear accessories and living things have become an art Gradually make the world full of more "beauty"! **Art should not be kept in art galleries only, art should be everywhere. 】** This is our philosophy, our attitude to life - L'appeso L'appeso upside down all the team to pay tribute to the United States found you Origin / manufacturing methods L'appeso inverted people design / 100% made in Taiwan / photo for thermal transfer method


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