Not withered carnation / cotton small potted flower + dry flower handmade card / Mother's Day / / no withered flowers / dry flowers

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The flower language of cotton is "cherish the people in front of you" Mother's Day is approaching, the sof


Not withered carnation / cotton small potted flower + dry flower handmade card / Mother's Day / / no withered flowers / dry flowers


//Product description // The flower language of cotton is "cherish the people in front of you" and say thank you to those who want to thank. Mother's Day is approaching, the softness of cotton also symbolizes the tender love of mothers. With the pink and hydrangea, the strong woman can take a break and have a warm Mother's Day. flower. With a specially designed cotton potted flower, with a small bouquet of dry flowers, the handwriting temperature is warm and warm. You can also choose to give the mother a carnation, never give up the carnation, on behalf of the mother's love and dedication :) **Opening the opening ceremony: Buy 4/30 (one) on the same day and enjoy 10% discount** //Dimensions// , basin: 6*6*6 cm , finished product: height is about 13 cm , card: 9.5*15 cm , small bouquet cards do not pick money, random shipment, please forgive me Please confirm the size again before buying, don't imagine it to prove your rights! //Flowers // , cotton or not withered carnation, not withered hydrangea, eucalyptus leaves, canary, rabbit grass, dried flowers If there is a shortage of flowers, the flower material will be adjusted appropriately, without affecting the style and color. //storage method// ❤ Dry flowers and non-falling flowers should be placed in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid moisture or direct sunlight. It is recommended to dehumidify regularly to prolong the life of flowers. (Dry flowers can be sprayed with 90% pure alcohol regularly) 灰尘 Dust that has been placed for a long time can be lightly brushed off with a small brush or blown coldly with a blower. If the dried flower is moldy, you can use alcohol to gently remove the mold and wait for the alcohol to evaporate. If a lot of mold is necessary, the moldy flower must be removed to avoid affecting other flowers. 干燥 The well-preserved dry flowers can be placed for months or even years, but they will naturally weather and fade over time, which is a natural phenomenon. //What is not withered?// The flowerless flower originated from the beautiful flower capital of Paris, and later spread to Japan, the Japanese who are proficient in floral art, and further studied the non-flowering that can be preserved for a long time. With the advancement of technology, flowers are processed through special procedures such as dehydration, fading, drying, and non-toxic dyeing. The non-flowers can present a variety of colors that nature cannot naturally produce. The appearance is the same as the color, the feel and the flowers. Each flower is made of a real flower and retains the shape of the real flower, so the size will not be exactly the same. Not withered, it not only retains the qualities of flowers, but also preserves for a longer period of time. Without the flower, the color and state will change slowly due to temperature, humidity and time. This is also the charm of not losing flowers! #Parmi les Fleurs #FLOWER PRIVATE CUSTOM STUDIO **flower. With the floral studio ordering instructions** First of all, thank you for choosing flowers. With flowers to customize flowers for you Please be patient to understand the following tips Silk flower. The flower studio is a personal business, and all the flowers are hand-made by hand. The production takes about 7-10 working days. The time for house delivery is about 1~2 working days, and the convenience store picks up about 2~3 working days. The actual arrival date is mainly based on the time of the shipping company. Buyers are requested to order early to avoid delays. Silk flower. Accompanying to avoid collisions during the transportation process, the goods will be carefully and carefully packaged before being sent. It is inevitable that some flowers will fall during the delivery process, so please forgive me. If you have any damage after receiving the flower ceremony, please take a photo and contact us immediately. Please do not directly comment on the reaction! ❤The photo is taken as a real product, but the electronic screen and the product will still have some slight color difference. If you don't mind, please do not place an order. Because of the hand-made and flower patterns, you can't ask for the same photos. In the event of a shortage of flowers, the use of flowers will be moderately adjusted in the same condition of color and style. ❤If you need to write a card, please provide a simple package on the order note. If you need a fine package (eg wedding), please know the secret. 客 You can customize your favorite color system according to this design, and make your own special gift ceremony. Please press "Contact Designer" to contact us. Finally, thank you for your patience. Sincerely hope that you will give us feedback and encouragement after purchase.


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