【Gorilla】 Five-meter-inch British-made automatic brake tape tape tape steel tape Taiwan manufacturing quality!


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  • **Taiwan's top factory production, Europe and the United States product quality, tape accuracy and quality assurance industry's highest level! Definitely your home hand tools to upgrade the best choice!**

    **[The most design of the appearance and internal]**
    **Professional staff with yellow and black with**
    Gorilla sees the feeling when the user uses the hand tool in his hand. Color and appearance to have texture, not only to your hand tools can be generously placed on the table, at any time to be measured when you can easily take without the East and West to find, more people can find your unique taste, Innovative design even with the out to buy furniture can make people feel very texture.

    **Safe and reliable automatic stop design**
    Completely remove the recovery of the tape when the thug situation, the finger press the recovery button will be recycled tape, release will immediately stop.


    **Rich footband content**
    Gorilla's yellow metric web is a metric foot with a total length of 5m and a width of 19mm and is printed in metric (centimeters) and in English (feet). With a metric tape measure, in life often bring unexpected convenience. Whether it is in the online shopping volume of the size of the plate, or when buying luggage. Gorilla metric tape, not only let you know a few centimeters at a glance, but also feel the actual length.

    **Convenient hooks**
    With the convenience of the hook, the tape can be suspended at any time in the waist, easier to use when climbing measurement, can be said to tape tape necessary.


    **Accurate wear-resistant tape**
    **Accuracy is certified by CE Class 2**
    Buy an unacceptable ruler will let you measure the size of the distance is not the same as the real, cover the house will be so skewed, so the EU countries in order to allow imports to Europe have a certain degree of accuracy of the tape set up CE certification. Which through the certification of tape manufacturers, produced by the tape can be sold in Europe! Through the CE Class 2 certified Gorilla steel tape, with a 5-meter length error of less than 0.13cm accuracy, close to the factory shipments of the extreme price, so you enjoy the accuracy of the EU tape quality!


    **Wear-resistant ultra-thick stand-made foot with excellent**
    Gorilla tape ruler with the use of ultra-thick steel, in addition to maintaining the palm of the palm can hold the width, will not make people feel too thick, unique heat treatment technology to the ruler of the stand in the same 19mm to achieve the highest standards, Pull out more than 170cm! Equipped with wear-resistant tape with a layer of nylon paint protection so that scale will never fall off

    **Professional outsourcing plastic design**
    Not only can reduce the impact of the accident on the tape when the impact, in the hand is a comfortable texture.


    **【Perfect tape size】**
    **Classic thickness**
    Most of the hardware line to buy the tape mainly to meet the professional master and the use of a relatively wide footband (25mm, which is 2.5cm wide), because it is easier to read plus foot with a very good pace, but the result is a The tape is about 4cm thick.

    The GORILLA tape is only a 19mm wide tape, but its length is 170cm due to the use of a thicker tape, which makes the overall product thickness even 3cm, more in line with Asia The size of the palm of your hand, but also more suitable for the size of the home!
    **Special foot hook design**
    The yellow metric system with a powerful magnet attached to the foot of the foot test can facilitate your single measurement work, so that you can feel its unique design.


    **Product Specifications:**
    Size: 8.1 cm long, 3 cm wide, 7 cm high
    Length of tape: 500 cm
    Ruler width: 1.9 cm
    Grape thickness: 0.11 cm
    Striped Straightness: 170 cm
    Material: top manganese steel in line with REACH certified non-toxic ABS plastic PU PU plastic

    **Origin / manufacturing method**
    Taiwan design and manufacturing

    **Gorilla five meters automatic brake tape special design introduction**


    **Gorilla other products**



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【Gorilla】 Five-meter-inch British-made automatic brake tape tape tape steel tape Taiwan manufacturing quality!

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