Creative stay cute little / tin can (tea bag)

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Naturally cute bunny Cute and pretty rabbit ears Built-in Herdor Round Tea Series



Creative stay cute little / tin can (tea bag)


**※ Tag style is shipped randomly** ---------------------------------------- [Stupid little cute | Tin can] Naturally cute little rabbit comes to give gifts, The cute rabbit ears are pretty and pretty, Built-in Herdor round tea series, Whether it ’s a friend or relative, Absolutely super eye-catching. . -------------------------------------------------- ---- **[Summer Love of South Island | Fruit Black Tea]** Tea and fruity perfect kneading [Women's Choice for Pure Black Tea] Based on the rich and deep honey black tea, the sweetness and sweetness of pineapple and the sweetness of apples are carefully blended. The tea soup is orange-red and bright. The aroma of pineapple and apple is tangled at first glance. The unique fruity aroma of black tea gently spreads into the throat. Different from the intensity and bitterness of ordinary black tea, Taiwan honey black tea has a mild and slightly sour taste, a fruity taste and a long-lasting taste. Sweet Tea Fruit Flavor 1 Grand Prize Master professionally brews black tea fruit aroma 2 Natural fruits are fresh in color and do not add color 3 Fruit sweetness without additional sugar, no burden on the body 4 Tea is sweet and sweet, suitable for soothing the nerves 5 Thoughtful packaging design, easy to brew with three-dimensional package 6 Clear and recognizable fruit granules with obvious fruit aroma -------------------------------------------------- ----- **【Caramel Waltz | Rooibos Tea】** Healthy health tea for the whole family [Café-free tea preferred] Also known as National Treasure Tea, it is a natural wild plant tea in the Cedarberg Mountains in northern Cape South Africa. Gather sufficient solar energy and natural mineral essences to grow in a pollution-free environment, Possessing rare and abundant minerals that are lacking in ordinary plants, it is ranked as the three national treasures of South Africa with diamond gold! It is a shrub plant. It is naturally planted for 18 months before harvesting. Its roots absorb moisture and minerals deep into the ground, and the tea leaves are dark red needles. 1 Planting of natural ingredients 2 Caffeine-free sleep 3 Low tannic acid does not hurt the stomach 4 Nutritional diversity for the whole family 5 Beauty and youth 6 Enriching minerals for metabolism Rooibos tea is free of caffeine, low tannic acid, non-irritating, mild tea flavor and No astringency, not only does not affect sleep, but can be relieved, so whether adults or children, pregnant women can drink. HERDOR National Treasure Tea Tips Intoxicating and charming caramel scent Natural Treasure Tea Ingredients Incense with caramel Unique flavor and mellow taste Tap the caramel between the cheeks HERODR One of the Hottest Flower & Fruit Teas -------------------------------------------------- ------ **[Princess at Night | Litchi Osmanthus Oolong]** The fragrance of osmanthus and the unique tea aroma of roasted oolong, Baking osmanthus with docile throat rhyme, Blend the osmanthus osmanthus with perfect balance. The scent of osmanthus scented for a long time could not be dissipated, Combines into a wonderful sweetness. . -------------------------------------------------- ------ **[Slim Fiber Jasmine | Jasmine Jin Xuan Green Tea]** Fresh Jasmine Aromatherapy is made from natural jasmine aromatherapy, Does not contain flavors and any additives, Scent its sweet aroma on green tea, Makes it both tea sweet and fresh flower fragrance. . -------------------------------------------------- ------ Product Information Brewing method: **Teabag**-Put the teabag in the cup, add 300-350c.c. Of 95 ℃ boiling water, soak for about 3 ~ 5 minutes, and enjoy it. You can adjust the soaking time or add milk, honey according to personal preference. Wait. **Loose tea**-The amount of tea leaves is about 1/5 to 1/4 of the container. It is recommended to choose more than 95 ° C or boiling water to brew the tea leaves completely. The soaking time is according to personal preference. However, it is recommended to taste the original flavor. Product Size: Compact small iron can (5.5cm in diameter, 7.5cm in height), Shelf life: (1) Fruit black tea: two years (Two) Rooibos: two years (3) Litchi Osmanthus Oolong: Two years (4) Jasmine Green Tea: Two years Origin: Taiwan


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