sea-fabric sea weave_canvas fish dancing tote bag_custom color_handmade silk screen

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❤ Fabric: Canvas ❤ Size: 23cm high / 30cm wide / 14x16cm at the bottom of the bag, 31cm long / 2.5cm wide (handmade, plus or minus 1) ❤ Manufacturing method: Handmade Only hand wash is allowed. It is not suitable to scrub and wring.



sea-fabric sea weave_canvas fish dancing tote bag_custom color_handmade silk screen

商品説明 **[concept of design]** Fish in the sea can dance? (´⊙ω⊙`) Are many fish swims turned into a painting together, or is it as beautiful as a ballet in the water? The fish dance was inspired by the composition of Matisse's "Dance, 1910". The turtle tortoise was deeply moved by this wild and unrestrained dance. Imagine if the fish in the sea can also hold each other like this ( Shark fins), cute picture of twirling the fish body dancing forever (我 º ั ╰╯º ั ๑) ♥ 1 navy blue is always wild and beautiful NO.1. 2The steady indigo blue exudes a unique temperament, which makes you look great no matter what color you wear. 3 super special and bright water blue makes you immediately focus. 4 Super easy to wear and elegant khaki, make the handbag a symbol of your high taste. 5 beautiful rose red makes your heart full of romantic pink. The mouth of the bag has a width of 29 cm and a rigid bottom plate, so you can put the bento box and fruit box smoothly! The 14x16cm space at the bottom allows the box to lie flat without tilting or deforming ) ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ ▲ Magnetic buckle is provided for convenient and fast storage. It has a large capacity inside, and a small inner pocket can be used to hold leisure cards, facial tissues, wet tissues, and small wallets! The handle is made with reinforced stitching to increase the durability of the handle !! ヽ (• ω • ゞ) **[Size]**23cm high / 30cm wide / 14x16cm bottom, bag length 31cm / width 2.5cm (hand-made, plus or minus 1) **[Material]**100% cotton canvas (12oz), durable and durable !! **[Origin]**Taiwan **[Weight]**125g **[Free color matching]**color of this handle can be changed! The specifications of the menu include the color of the bag body and the handle. If you want to change the color of the handle, you can click "Contact Designer" after the order to inform us of the desired color !! Create your own color together! (ㆁ ω ㆁ *) **[小 叮咛]** 1. Canvas products are hand-washed or partially hand-washed. Please do not rub vigorously with a brush, do not rub hard, wring, and iron directly (please separate the cloth, the temperature should not be too high), and place it in a ventilated place to air dry. Under the hot sun. 2. If you accidentally drop the stain, you can wash it with soap or detergent! But do not use cleaners containing fluorescent or bleaching ingredients ヽ (• ω • ゞ). 3. Because each product is handmade, the size, sewing and shape will be slightly different. If you cannot accept it, please do not place an order! Haizhi will strive to make the product perfect (๑ • ̀ ᄇ • ́) و ✧. **[Return method]** 1. Because the product is hand-made, non-significant defects are not returned. Please confirm the product size and details before buying! 2. If you receive a severely defective product, please send a message to Haizhi, Haizhi will definitely handle it for you! 3. For overseas international parcels, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, and Malaysia provide "SF" delivery. If the total of selected products is less than 1kg, there is no additional charge! But when the product exceeds 1kg, additional shipping charges will be added , The mass purchase of the people can first ask the shipping price, Haizhi will quote you ~ If the address is provided incorrectly, you need to pay for the extra cost, please pay attention to it!


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