Pepper primary grinding jar group

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Pepper primary grinding jar group


The Spice Republic brings together all the four brothers and sisters of the Pepper family with the German AdHoc oak grinder to maximize the imagination of the spice so that the four kinds of pepper can dance hand in hand and enjoy the most delicious and fresh Grind flavor

Contents: AdHoc Oak Potter Milling Pot * 1, Black Pepper Grain * 1, White Pepper Grain *, Red Pepper * 1, Green Pepper * 1

AdHoc Oak Potter Grinding Pot (Black & Brown Random Shipment)
Material: Oak colored, stainless steel, ceramic knife
Size: diameter 5cm / height 15cm
Origin: Germany design quality control, made in China
Product Description: Selected oak used to make the inner bottle, durable and texture and practicality, with stainless steel embellishment, simple and neat style and stylish, using AdHoc exclusive design and development of exclusive grinding mechanism, you can fine-tune the thickness of grinding particles size. The use of ceramic blade as a grinding tool, not only 30% harder than steel, and the absolute anti-corrosion and wear, but also to retain the original flavor, without leaving the metal smell. Can easily remove the lid knob, convenient filling pepper or salt particles.

Black pepper
Ingredients: black pepper
Net weight: 50g
Origin: India, Malaysia, Indonesia
Raw materials: India, Malaysia, Indonesia
Effective date: as indicated
Shelf life: two years
Product Description: Strong and spicy black pepper with barbecue, stewed rice, grilled and cold food, but because of pepper oil easy to heat and volatile, heating for too long will make spicy and aroma, so try to cook as much as possible The black pepper is added just before the wok, and the use of ground pepper is better preserved than using off-the-shelf pepper.

White pepper grains
Ingredients: white pepper
Net weight: 50g
Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia
Raw materials: Malaysia, Indonesia
Effective date: as indicated
Shelf life: two years
Product Description: The delicate and introverted characteristics of white pepper, suitable for use with fishy food, such as meat or seafood soup seasoning sauce, can enhance the freshness of food but will not take away the taste of staple foods. White pepper is also suitable as a light-colored sauce because of its white appearance.

Red pepper grains
Ingredients: red pepper
Net weight: 20g
Origin: Brazil
Raw materials: Brazil
Effective date: as indicated
Shelf life: two years
Product Description: The red pepper has a similar, but more delicate and delicate pepper aromas, soft and juicy fruits rich in sweet taste. Red pepper is used for a wide variety of purposes, in addition to being suitable for use with seafood and fruit, but also often being added to sauces because of its bright color and sweeter flavor. Red pepper is also a very important ingredient in national dishes such as Peru and Brazil, and is even made of red pepper beer, due to the Amazon forest native to South America.

Green pepper grains
Ingredients: green pepper
Net weight: 12g
Origin: India
Raw materials: India
Effective date: as indicated
Shelf life: two years
Product Description:
Green pepper is not as spicy as black pepper, but rather spicy with fresh aromas. It is often used in Thai and other Southeast Asian dishes, accompanied by fruit, chicken and fish to enhance its flavor. Green pepper is suitable with heavier ingredients, to avoid its taste is covered with green pepper. In addition to fresh food, green pepper can also be used in canned food and other preserved foods.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan / machine + hand


香港 (送料着払い)


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