Stripe Color - Eco Drink Bag | Hai Bai Handmade

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Can be placed M / L hand cup, coffee cup, next to a small ring can be inserted into the straw. It can be hung on the hand, and it can be hung in front of the locomotive, making it easy for you to go anywhere!


Stripe Color - Eco Drink Bag | Hai Bai Handmade


Stripe Color - Eco Drink Bag | Hai Bai Handmade ✧-----✧-----✧-----✧-----✧-----✧ ●Work material ● Cloth: Japan first dyed cotton cloth Neri: cotton fabric ●Work size ● Upper circle diameter: 8 cm Lower circle diameter: 7 cm Length: 9 cm The error range is about 0.5 to 1 cm. ●Work use ● 🎀M/L hand cup, coffee cup special beverage bag 🎀 can hang locomotive 🎀 can be loose / coarse straw 饮料M/L hand shake shop drink cup ✔️ Coffee cup (7-11, mister donut, general coffee cup ⋯) ✔️Breakfast shop drink Fast food restaurant drink ✖️冰霸杯 ✖️1000ml fat cup ● Cleaning method ● If you encounter moisture, it is recommended to dry in the shade. If it is dirty, it is recommended to wash it with cold water and dry it. If you have wrinkles, use the iron to gently scald it to make it flat! ✧-----✧-----✧-----✧-----✧-----✧ About Haibo Handmade Hebbian Handmade Haibo's Law, a neuroscience about memory and learning. There are many different cells in the brain. When they are activated, they become powerful and complex groups, and they are deeply imprinted in their minds. Just like seeing blue, you think of the ocean. Like smelling coffee, you can let yourself linger in the afternoon. With a little guidance, you can connect all the good things. I hope that the warmth of my palms can be passed to every heart of you, so that my work can accompany you through all the challenges. Haibai hand made Hebbian Handmade Handmade Tailor Studio / Taiwan Hualien ✧-----✧-----✧-----✧-----✧-----✧ 注意Precautions before shopping✨ 👉🏻 For every item sold, we will donate 5-10 yuan to the Cancer Related Foundation. (The donation details will be posted on the FB fan page) 👉🏻Handmade is inevitable with some hand-made traces (ex. thread), the car line can not be as straight as the factory, the perfectionist please think twice. 👉🏻Because the cloth cutting position is different, the colors are not all in the same position, so each piece is unique! 颜色The color of different screen displays will be somewhat different, and the works are mainly in color. It will take a few working days for you to start making it for you after taking the order. The production is completed and sent to you right away! The major negligence caused by the non-seller of the hand-made goods is not returned. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.


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