Big stomach bowl pet dish rack 750ml

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Large-capacity bowls give more space for fresh food. The wide bowl of noodles also allows children with short noses to bury their heads. Three height settings, large to small to medium and small cats and dogs are suitable for height. Thick log frame for


Big stomach bowl pet dish rack 750ml


Winner of Taiwan Golden Point Design Award in 2019 ============================== Customized service: height and bowl tilt material: Beech Dish height Large: 30cm Medium: 22cm Small: 15cm Bowl capacity: 755ml bowl width: 16cm bowl depth: 6cm The package contains two porcelain bowls and four foot covers. ============================== The hairy little boy in the family has a good appetite? The large stomach bowl has a large capacity bowl, in addition to being able to be used with large dogs, it can also be matched with the height setting of small and medium cats. Don't worry about the amount of water or the shortage of rice. With the texture of the logs, the classic lathe method and the precise drilling method make the texture of the logs to the extreme. The surface is made of a non-toxic water-based paint that has been sanded, lacquered and dried for a week to create a water repellent finish. **Give a good appetite** Bowl capacity 755ml, bowl width 16cm, depth 6cm (about three times the size of the general small and medium pet bowl) The more abundant capacity and large bowl of noodles allow the children to enjoy a full meal or water, and the enlarged bowl noodles help the short-nosed children to have more room for food. It is also suitable for raw food, fresh food, and feeding. It can be heated directly in a microwave oven after being placed in a porcelain bowl. **Suitable for hairy children of different heights** The three preset heights are set to 15 / 22 / 30 cm, suitable for large to medium-sized hair children. The large capacity is matched with the low height setting to make the hairy child like the tactical body, the head is large and short, but the food is large enough to eat smoothly. **Customizable rack height and bowl tilt** The most appropriate height plus the inclined bowl surface can effectively reduce the pressure on the neck when the baby is eating. Please let us know if your baby's preference is the height of the dish rack or if you need a bowl to tilt. We can customize the dish rack that best suits your hair boy. Only a reasonable fee is required. Customizable height from minimum 10cm to maximum 40cm When customizing the tilt, the difference between the highest and lowest points of the bowl is 3cm. **Medium weight, four-legged support for maximum stability with silicone feet** The thick wooden dish rack and the supporting four wooden feet accumulate a suitable total weight, so that the dish rack is not easy to be pushed by the baby when eating, but the owner does not have to take up the movement. There are also included silicone feet that provide a smoother surface for greater friction. **Water repellent non-toxic water-based paint** A multi-layer water repellent protective layer is applied over the surface of the large stomach bowl. The non-toxic water-based paint allows the hairy children to eat without any care, and the waterproof surface keeps the dish rack from the dampness of water droplets. **Fine craftsmanship** From a piece of wood to a final product, a lot of processes are involved. For example, the sanding related process requires the assistance of three types of machines. And we insist that the final result of each process is confirmed by the hands and fingers, in order to have the best performance between the material and the method. **Package Contents** Each large stomach bowl comes with two porcelain bowls and four non-slip feet specification height 30cm 15cm+ tilt ******************* The large stomach bowl is made of logs, natural wood grain, and with wooden knots. *******************


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