Customized 大 囍 wedding blessing package with wedding anniversary gift first choice

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Creative Concept Warm colors and simple hand-painted style, the most suitable for the important person Can also be used



Customized 大 囍 wedding blessing package with wedding anniversary gift first choice


Pure hand-painted, not a decal, so the color pattern of each plate illustration will be slightly different The word is handwritten by the teacher! Fonts can not be specified, but can be Chinese, English, Japanese, etc. 【Reminder】 * This big 囍 wedding blessing plate (must be ordered 15 days ago), comes with "box" * Works limited number of words (six words), if there is a longer text or need to add the word needs, first contact with the designer to measure and quote and then ordered Oh! * This section of the portrait part of the work can be changed to new people's Q version of the avatar, the relevant information, please leave a message to the designer (to increase the cost) * Please leave a message to the designer after ordering Front of the plate 1. boy name. Girl name The back of the plate 1. The name of the donor 2. Date of marriage * Works are hand-painted, the color of each piece of work will be slightly different, occasionally glaze glaze flaw, but does not affect the use. If serious, we will burn again. If the pursuit of the perfect person, please think twice !! Thank you ........ ✿ Ao wind kiln works are underglaze way, hand painted patterns, and then applied to the transparent glaze, high temperature up to 1200 ℃ firing, so do not have to worry about the use of containing high temperature or acid-base material, resulting in toxic precipitation Or color off and other issues, microwave heating, can be used to hold hot food cooked utensils, put it to the cool place after cleaning! Not the product on the market with a decal or glaze on the way (that is, in the transparent glaze decal or painted), low temperature baked in the oven, not filled with cooked food, not brushing (will fade), only suitable as a decoration Product or souvenir * Ao wind kiln works, each one is unique, pure hand-made, so you are different with others, even more special ^ ^ ~ 【Identity card works】 Material: clay Burn temperature: 1200 ° C Size: Height: 2cm Diameter: 19cm Origin: Taichung water Ao wind kiln Maintenance method Works by 1200 high temperature firing, can be used when the food can be microwave heating, do not use steel brush to wash, so as to avoid damage to the disk, after cleaning to the cool place! 【 brand introduction】 Ao Feng kiln is committed to the pottery into life, where the works are simple and honest, both practical viewing! Each piece of pottery is hand-crafted, and the piece is not only a commodity but also has its originality unique. When you hold in your hands carefully play, enjoy, you will find that each piece is full of creators. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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