Botanist/Spring Spring/Hearing Coffee 3 on the Street Botanist Street

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Botanist on the street, spring series, You can also get to know the beautiful plants that are common on the streets of Taiwan when you taste coffee.


Botanist/Spring Spring/Hearing Coffee 3 on the Street Botanist Street


Botanist on the street, spring series. - You can also get to know the beautiful plants that are common on the streets of Taiwan when you taste coffee. - The best guide for viewing flowers every month - a gift full of greenery and coffee I really like the scenery where people and plants live in harmony. One day on the way to the restaurant, passing a land temple, In front of the temple, as we are common in the hour, two tall banyan trees were planted. (When I was young, I saw such a banyan tree and I would call it "the kind of grandfather of eucalyptus") The tree is about three stories high, with long air roots and dark green leaves. If the sun is at a suitable angle, the leaves will shine when the leaves of the eucalyptus are smooth. Under the tree, a round base was built around the red brick. I saw someone sitting under the tree and green. A closer look, is a young postman, should be a small little lunch, busy, sitting under the big banyan tree classification letter. A sealed orange kraft envelope, dark green leaves, green postman uniforms, shaded eucalyptus trees, and a busy workmanship under the tree, but the relaxed postman, and the wind that is not in a hurry, makes people feel Happy and calm. I hope that in the cities of Taiwan, more plants suitable for this land can be planted. I hope that people can have time to appreciate the beauty of plants, even in their daily lives, they can have beautiful travel. In February, the leaves of T. argentea, the tender green leaves are full of vitality. The yellow flower wind chime in March is bright yellow that is hard to ignore. The kapok in April, when painted in full bloom, found the side as a blossoming love. In fact, many of the common plants on the streets of Taiwan are not native to the native species. In February, the buds of Terminalia serrata, native to Madagascar in East Africa (the direct translation of the English name of T. argentea, is the "Mulberry tree of Madagascar"). The yellow flower of Suzuki, which blooms in March, is native to Brazil. In addition to yellow flowers, Campanula has a variety of magenta and purple. Ps The wind of the Suzuki is toxic, so avoid picking up flowers or fruit hair when viewing flowers, and it will not be allergic to skin. In addition to admiring the existing plants, I also hope to see more native plants planted on the streets of Taiwan in the future. After all, the native plants may be more suitable for the climate and environment of the land. We will also slowly collect and plan to launch a 12-month series of Taiwan native plants. The front of the coffee bag is the theme plant of the month. Attached to the back are easy to see the location of these plants, the expected time of flowering, the original place, let us know more about them, and make the monthly flower viewing schedule easier. The Chinese-English text is also suitable for friends to introduce the common plant landscapes in Taiwan. -------------------------------------------------- ---------- The coffee bag is hand-made by Tzemdas Kaffa in Changhua City. Three kinds of coffee beans: Yi Style BLEND Heihe (Zhongshen Pei), El Salvador, Yega Xuefei. There are two packs of each coffee bean. Personal unprofessional try to drink: - Yi Style BLEND Heihe (currently using bean content - Sunburn Kenya, washed Sidamo, washed Salvador, washed Guatemala, washed Colombia, the formula of the beans will be adjusted according to the green beans season): Plea Do not shave the bitter taste, add soy milk to make a latte, good to drink. - El Salvador: A bit more bitter than the Heihe River, suitable for single drink. I feel that it is not suitable for adding soy milk, and the coffee taste will become lighter. - Yeka Snowfield Washed Cochelle G1: The entrance has aroma of chocolate and nuts! And it’s not sour to drink. Ps If we receive an order, we find that the specific stock of coffee beans is insufficient. We will contact you within 1 working day if you wish to make up your coffee with other origins or wish to cancel your order.


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