【 925 sterling silver】 Infinity Bracelet (むげんTiffany Green)

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【 925 sterling silver】 Infinity Bracelet (むげんTiffany Green)


【 925 sterling silver】 Infinity Bracelet (むげんTiffany Green)


【 925 sterling silver】 Infinity Bracelet (むげんTiffany Green) Create a good start Protect the value of every important continuation Infinity is an endless border Is a belief and a blessing In the world of feelings, it represents the eternal happiness Representing unlimited possibilities in the living environment Put this energy around the wearer's side ——————————————————— ★ Respect for intellectual property rights ★ This work has been applied for creation and other related copyrights (including photos), unauthorized, imitated, produced, refurbished, resold, and other related infringement creations, the museum will be held accountable for relevant legal responsibilities, do not violate the law. If you want to choose different suits to buy or have custom needs Can be in the remarks part of the checkout Tell us how to modify it. E.g: Hello board, I ordered a sterling silver bracelet. Color wants to mix and match (black + white) Because I want to send a male (female) friend to wear it, I hope that the hand can adjust the past. We will do it according to your needs. The color can be matched with other monochromes in this store! ! 💕 ———————————————————— ◎ Attention and maintenance methods: When the stretch wax rope is worn, the size of the hand bone is a circle of the fist when the fist is made. Only the hand circumference can not be worn. It is necessary to measure the size of the bones to be the best. After the amount is good, the knot can be used. The long tail end is cut off and worn, and the trimmed end must have a string of tassels. If it is not removed, it can be cut off and removed. In order to avoid the black color of the sterling silver bracelet, it is recommended to take off the bath when bathing, swimming, hot springs or exposure to sulphide. If you accidentally touch the hot spring water, you can wash it with plenty of water. Sterling silver is also more likely to become black due to the acidity of the human body. Acidic sweat easily causes sweat and dirt to adhere to the surface of pure silver. Because the wax rope is not resistant to corrosion, it is not recommended to wash with silver washing water. It can be washed with simple toothpaste. Or by hot water, aluminum foil paper, salt bar and other redox immersion methods. ◎Promotional warranty As long as we give our friends with 5 hearts to encourage praise, this series of works can enjoy an "indefinite period" of "free warranty", in case the tie line is off, the dirt can be taken back to the site for free repair (existing from the county to the city) Pay back and forth shipping), detailed time to pay attention to our fans group dynamic calendar! ! 【Product specifications】 ◎ Material: 925 sterling silver, Japanese wax rope


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