My cat is Mimi Cats Tinplace badge

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Everything else /// Where to lift pen bags / cosmetic bags / beam pockets / handbags / backpacks do not have unique slave slave badges Everywhere I go, my eyes are in focus and I always smile!


My cat is Mimi Cats Tinplace badge


⊞ Everyone has a cat named Mimi There are even more than one cat named Mimi. Gua Mom also has a small wave called "Mimi" Although she never thought it was her name😂 This badge is dedicated to her favorite. Meow ~~~~~ 🐈 ______________________________________________ My cat is Mimi Cats Tinplace badge She appeared on a cold January-February And he appeared with five children She has a good figure that can't see she was pregnant With a pair of big eyes Mimi is a shapely tabby cat The great thing is that her five children are all tabby Like the mother ’s children, they have big round eyes Mimi also started the street cat feeding path of Gua Mom. The winter and the living environment are more dangerous and dangerous. Gua mom who hesitated for a long time, reluctant to separate mother and child But they are afraid that the children will leave their mother one by one for some reason (Because of one of the five children, died of unknown illness within two days) Consider that Mimi may be pregnant again Ask cat friends everywhere for help Finally found a great trapping master Pick up Mimi and send it to the hospital for TNR Soft-eyed tabbys want to help them find a warm home, Protect from the cold. So on Christmas Eve, Take four baby tabby back to hospital in one go Put information online for adoption Few people really asked at first Unwilling to continue to post messages to adoption platforms After a day, finally, the inquiry letter flew like a snow flake To make the little tabby a good home It ’s really enough to filter adopters Screening like an interviewer Also teaches less experienced adopters How to start a cat once Thinking back to how little sleep I had during that time (It should be said that I am too worried that I can't sleep or eat) Looking at the little tabby now Lived well in their new home I really feel invincible! Mimi's children were fostered I'm sorry for Mimi 2 million So I always bring her cans + dry to honor her (At the time, I also helped Mimi find adopters But Mimi is really too far north. Not close We don't want to jerk her princess I had to put it in place and become the illegitimate daughter of Gua Mom outside ~) (Honor) (Tabbys) Sleeping like this is not worth living ______________________________________________ This is just the little Sanhua of Taichung Inner Lane x Hutong Coffee It ’s also mela ’s heart lately❤ ______________________________________________ ◐Product Information◐ Everything else /// Where to lift pen bags / cosmetic bags / beam pockets / handbags / backpacks do not have unique slave slave badges Everywhere I go, my eyes are always in focus and a smile! (Give you a cat's paw print) Long live the cat slave !!! Meow ~~~~~ 🐈 ⊞ Material tinplate 3.2 Size 3.2cm mini 插画 Original illustration melon director system made in Taiwan 🍣 Cat slave related :: Cat slave tote Slave / shovel sticker Shovel Officer Badge


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