Neutral and oily. Old Jiang Jun Shampoo

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Incorporating local smallholder specialty products. Use Taiwan ginger tea, turmeric powder.


Neutral and oily. Old Jiang Jun Shampoo


Δ Both formulas are the same, the darker ones are because of a shaking of hands, the turmeric is a bit more, and the temperature of soap formation is higher. ◍ Weight: 120g ± 10g 成分 Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, camellia oil, ginger tea, Taiwan turmeric powder, compound essential oil, etc. ◍ Features: #Integrate local smallholder specialty products . Use Taiwanese ginger tea, turmeric powder . Mix with essential oils, smell good . After washing, there will be an airy bob head ◍ Experience: 地 Ground ginger and turmeric powder❚ It uses Nantou's ginger and ginger king powder, using natural agricultural methods without pesticides, to create an exclusive medium oily shampoo soap. With brown sugar, it is just right for normal dry hair, and it feels comfortable to wash ~ 童 Tongyan old people who love Jiang Jiang come to see ❚ According to the actual measurement of Miss Na's dry hair quality, it must be matched with a foaming net, which has a lot of bubbles. Here comes the point ☞☞☞ It should be noted that because it is the base of the ginger seat, people who are easy to get hot in the summer should not use this. I washed it after the heat stroke that day, and felt that there was a fire on my head. 🔥 . This one is amazing. It is normal after washing, but the hair is fluffy after blowing. This piece of hair is brought about by flattening hair. After washing the hair, it is like rubbing the hair of the styling. Miss Na ’s hair is very small. After drying, she looks super thick. . ❚ Use caution ❚ When you first wash your hair with shampoo, your hair will change into bunches because of the relationship between soap and hard water. . More than 90% of Taiwan's residential areas are in hard water, so it is recommended to use diluted citric acid to wash the hair after washing to avoid hesitating the upper body. . If the family has a budget, they can install a "bath filter" in the bathroom. Manufacturers say that it can effectively remove residual chlorine and impurities in water. If you are interested in oil, you can check it online. . There is a certain transition period for using hair soap, but after you break through, you will succeed, completely discarding bottles and jars, and embracing a life that is not easily abducted by shampoo. Because Nadia used to buy 2-3 cans of shampoo alternately, but one person could not use it up. After using it for more than half a year, each can was more than half a bottle, and my heart was tired every day because the new one came out and the old one. Many more (crying) -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- About Us Because the composition of soap is simple, it will not cause too much burden on the ecology. No added preservatives, foaming agents, fluorescent agents, thickeners. Gives you easy-to-read washing products with ingredients. The whole process is below 40 degrees, made by cold method, 60 days UP soap drying period, with 24 hours humidity control, after PH testing and experimental team test washing, confirm that it is ready to use. In order to make the earth live longer, promote housework soaps and body soaps, instead of dishwashing detergent and shower gel synthetic lotions, and talk to bottles and jars. Recommend the products of your family's peace of mind products to you, hope that our joy and touch after use can also make you feel. Maybe a cleaner planet for the next generation. Make the world a better place. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- ◍ Cautions ◍ ① There are two kinds of packaging methods, 1 is vacuum packaging, and 2 is kraft packaging. Please note the selection. Generally, it is shipped in vacuum packaging. ② After use, please drain it to keep soap treasure dry and welcome the next bath time. ③ When you purchase, you will be provided with instructions and storage methods. Be sure to read it before using it. ◍ Remarks◍ This shop is a free unified invoice store, if you need to issue a free unified invoice receipt, please note. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- ☑Handmade soap is made of natural plants, and its shape, color, and odor are slightly different. It does not affect the quality of the soap. Please buy with confidence. Our handmade soaps are made with natural plant extracts; gradual fading in color and fragrance is normal and natural. ☑The color of the product image file is slightly different due to the differences in the computer screen settings. Please refer to the actual product color. Because the commodity chart files color the computer screen hypothesis difference will slightly have the difference, take the actual commodity color as the standard. ☑Each person's skin is different, please test on your wrist before using. If the skin becomes uncomfortable, discontinue use. Please try on your wrist first. Stop using the product if any allergic reaction appears. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------


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