Italian 18K gold two-tone ring (can be purchased separately)

US$ 2,117.52
  • この商品は「受注制作」です。お支払いが確認できてから、制作を開始しますので、ショップの休日を除く 40 日後に発送予定です。
  • クリスマス限定:11/27 - 12/25、3000円以上ご購入で200円OFF、5000以上ご購入で500円OFF。
  • 【新規会員限定】72時間以内にUS$ 20.00以上お買い上げでUS$ 2.00OFF、さらに次回から使えるクーポンももらえる!



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Italian Polello original 18K gold two-color ring Male ring: NT29000 / Female ring: NT32200 Can be purchased alone


Italian 18K gold two-tone ring (can be purchased separately)


📍Product introduction Polello handmade rose gold two-tone ring Price / male ring: NT29000 / female ring: NT32200. Can be purchased, please contact the designer Origin / Italy Color / rose gold, white gold Material / 18K solid pure white gold, rose gold (75% pure gold, non-surface gold plating) Size / width about 4mm Diamond / round brilliant cut, F color VS clarity 📍 About Pollello Polello has pure Italian blood. Founded in 1976, the founders Cesare and Angelo are located in Valenza, Italy's most famous jewellery group. Valenza's craftsmanship and artistic attitudes in gold forging and jewellery production have been crystallized after centuries of change, marking an Italian The master spirit of the style cannot be imitated. Since its establishment 40 years ago, the brand has continued to innovate. Pollello has fully utilized the unique design style of Italy, but it has a strong sense of design. There is no excessive decoration, only perfect lines and proportions, and it is also known as Italy. Metal craftsmanship, the highest quality products 📍 围 circumference measurement ►Method 1 We will send the ring to the government for the most accurate measurement. ►Method 2 Take out the old ring to measure the inner diameter of the ring. For example: 16.5mm ►Method 3 Directly to the store to measure the ring circumference (this is of course the most accurate) Any questions about the size of the ring are welcome at any time. 📍 exclusive service ►New order Each ring is completely new according to your ring, you are the sole owner of the ring. The production of the rings is in Italy, the production time is about 30-40 working days, the perfect quality is worth waiting patiently. ►Free lettering service Provide you with free ring lettering service, make the ring unique and more commemorative ►Free birthday stone inlay service Add your own birthday stone to your ring for free, so that you can hold your favorite person in your hand. 📍 packaging All original Porlolo guarantees, jewellery boxes, jewellery wipes and jewellery bags are available. 📍Lifetime free cleaning and maintenance service The lipophilic nature of the diamond makes the oil stain easily adhere to the diamond and affects the brightness of the diamond. When cleaning, please use warm water and neutral soap in a small bowl, then clean the diamond with a soft brush, clean the diamond and wipe it with a gemstone wipe. dry. When cleaning, it is best to use a small basin under the bottom to prevent the diamond from loosening into the drain. We recommend that you carry out professional cleaning treatments on jewellery every year and welcome your products to us for professional maintenance.


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